What All Golfers Should Know To Shoot Lower Golf Scores

The mountains of information that golfers must sift through to be a better player is daunting. Regardless of what your challenges are in your game, the million of suggestions offered on the internet make it almost impossible to determine which tip has merit. As my season starts to unfold (still a couple of weeks away before opening day at my home course), it is important to mentally and physically prepare. Trying to wade through the muck of confusion, I found a video that all golfers need to watch and heed. It is simple, straight forward and answers most amateur’s questions of what to do when playing golf. I believe it will lower your golf score if you follow it without hesitation.

Rick Shiels has done it again! He provides nine tips that I fully endorse and practice. It is a one stop shopping video that all golfers should watch if they want to lower their golf scores.

To summarize the video, the following are the nine tips Shiels suggests to improve your golf game:

  1. Bump and Run. I use this tip all the time. My preferred club is my 7 iron and I do use a putting grip.
  2. Use a putter when you can. I use my putter all the time when on the fringe. It is especially valuable when short sided.
  3. Use a line. I have used this technique in the past and will try using it again this year.
  4. Draw a circle in the sand. Hitting behind the ball with force cannot be overstated when playing a bunker shot.
  5. Clean your golf ball. Whenever the rules allow, clean your golf ball; especially on the green.
  6. Lighten up your grip. Many amateurs use a death grip on their clubs. It is time to lighten up!
  7. Use an aim point in front of your golf ball. When aiming down the fairway, select an intermediate point for aiming.
  8. Use the proper tee height. Ensure your tee height is proper for all clubs off the tee. It does vary.
  9. Visualize your golf shot. Visualization is very important and it is a key part of my pre-shot routine.

The nine tips offered by Rick Shiels are a must for all golfers. These simple tips have lowered my golf score and continue to strengthen my game. I would go as far as to say that they are some of the golden rules of golf. If you are looking for ways to lower your golf scores, these nine tips are the place to start.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “What All Golfers Should Know To Shoot Lower Golf Scores

  1. In general I’d say they’re all good suggestions though two, like #7 especially don’t work for me. I prefer to chose a target aim point far downrange. And that goes for all the clubs including the putter. The only exceptions to that would be my target aim points with wedges when chipping would be the spots I want them to land. Close just doesn’t get me what I need.

    And I’m not as big on bump and runs as Rick and most pro’s suggest. I do it when I think it’s the better option but that just doesn’t happen all that often when away from the green. I’ve put in the time to be very good at judging what’s needed when hitting chips that fly higher and land softer. I feel more confidence I can get close so that’s what I go with. And for me, that seems to work.

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    • Kevin,

      Modifications to the suggestions are natural the more you play golf. There are some types of shots that do not work well for players and it is up to each player to determine what works best for their game. No wrong answers here.

      Cheers Jim


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