Hitting A 3 Wood With Success

Hitting a 3 wood off the fairway is a challenge for many golfers. We either hit the ball thing or hit the ground before the ball. From time to time, I will experience these hitting errors, but I learned many years ago how to successfully make solid contact with 3 wood. If I miss this shot now, then my error is on the thin side producing a very low ball flight. I know what the error is for my game, but I thought I would turn to a professional to properly explain the challenge and how to fix it.

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Putting On Fast Greens

I wish I had researched this topic prior to my round at Windermere Golf and Country Club (Windermere) in Muskoka, Ontario. The awesome course had postage stamp greens, but many they were a challenge for my game. The greens were twice as fast as I normally play and I would be a liar to say I was able to adjust my game prior to teeing it up. More to follow on my round at Windermere later in the week. Back to putting on fast greens; there is a way to adjust and for some reason I was not really thinking about this as I let the excitement of playing a fantastic course. Regardless, I figure I would offer some tips for putting on fast greens because I sure could have used them last Sunday.

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Playing Golf In The Shadows

Depending on the time of day you play golf, shadows can cause a challenge. I like to play in the morning, but have played in the evening enough times to know that shadows do make our club choices and line selection difficult. The greatest challenge, at least for my game, is while putting on the green. Even putting through the shadow of the pin and flag is a challenge for my game. Shadows can be my kryptonite on the greens. How about you?

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Tips For The Beginner and Experienced Golfer

When fledgling golfers take up the game, they sometimes wonder about the basic nuances of the game. Well, not to worry because I found a video that will help you to start building a knowledge of the game that can be a great part of your leisure time.

Tip number 11 is a very good tip that many beginners overlook. I played many inexpensive balls over the years and realize that I did not always have to pay a great deal of money to find the ball that fits my game. I was never limited or loyal to a manufacturer because I believed and believe that each has something to offer every golfer.

The decision to play a specific ball is a personal one and I wish you luck on your pursuit of the perfect ball for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Three Driver Faults That Limit Your Distance

If you are a golfer who struggles with your driver, I know I do from time to time, it could be because you are hitting the ball too low on the clubface. I know this swing fault is something that I worked on for years. Over the past two years, I tried to force a swing change by adjusting my ball position and tilting my shoulders more on setup. All my adjustments did was create more swing challenges and poor driver contact. I went back to my old swing and realized that I was approaching my desire to improve distance off the tee all wrong. Thus, as I stated in previous articles, I reverted back to what was working and concentrated on improving what was already working. What I realized is that I was creating the conditions to hit the ball low on my driver face. I fixed my challenges on my own, but I wish I had some guidance from Christina Ricci sooner.

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