When Will The Golf Courses Open?

I am on the hourly watch for my local golf courses to open for the season. As of Monday, 1 May, I will start to get antsy and fret about the lost time on the links. Okay, I realize that this is way up on the ‘drama meter’, but it is time to start playing. I have my clubs out, my bag is read, my shoes are clean and the only thing I am missing is a course to play on. What is a golfer to do?

In years past, the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort is open by now. Unfortunately, this year’s opening day is delayed due to cool temperatures and very wet conditions. We are about two weeks behind our normal temperatures and that is likely due to the late start of winter. Regardless of what I think, it is what it is and the courses are still closed in my area.

As time inches on, I will start practicing more in my garage and my yard. this is all I can do as my anticipation grows to playing golf this year.

I am also working on my golf goals for this year at this time and the opening delay will give me more time to cement my thoughts. This year I do not think I will be focus on shooting lower scores, but on improving my technique to make me a more consistent player. This approach will affect my scores, but letting the numbers fall out as they may will be more fruitful path for my game. I not exactly sure how all of this will be accomplished, but it is a start.

In the meantime, I am patiently waiting for golf season to start. It has to be around the corner, but I am just not sure on which corner it is. 😉

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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