An Interesting Golf Article Worth Reading

Most golfers are really confused about how stats, handicap index, and scores are related. The obvious answer is that the lower your handicap index, the better your stats and scores should be. Basically, I guess that is true. I recently read an article at MyGofSpy called: Study: How Your Handicap Affects Your Score. I found it very interesting because it filled in a few knowledge gaps and misconceptions about the interrelationship between stats and scores. If you have not read it, I encourage you do to so.

Without stealing all the thunder of the article, I want to outline where the data came from: TheGrint is an app-based handicap tracker with a multitude of on-course and community features. In addition, TheGrint’s platform interfaces directly with the USGA handicap system. It says in the article that 90% of golfers do not carry a handicap index, so the numbers provided would likely be on the higher end of margin of error in my opinion. Regardless, it is an interesting report that I enjoyed perusing.

First, my favourite stat:

As I look at the data, it fits will for my game. I am about a 4 handicap and should hit the greens 50% of the time during 8 out of 20 rounds. I actually tracked this stat and in 2020, after 56 recorded rounds, my GIR percentage was 49.52. Thus I would surmise that the data provided in the article was accurate for me. The really makes sense because the other areas of my short game make up for the missed approach shots, thus my scoring average was seven strokes over the handicap rating of the course and 4.5 strokes over par. So far, the data from the study is fairly accurate.

I could go on about the data collected at nauseum, but I think you get the point. I will suggest that it is impossible to look at any piece of the data and conclude something that fits all golfers. Each stat is connected and interrelated to another stat. Hitting the ball off the tee in play contributes to a higher GIR percentage. Missing the ball in the sand on an approach shot usually affects a persons score on the hole. The handicap index is based on the best 8 rounds out of 20, hence it records our best golf, not the average of all our rounds. Again, I could go on and on.

My point about today’s diatribe is the article above provides knowledge and understanding on the relationship between our handicap, stats and score. It was an interesting read and I think you will find it interesting. Then you can draw your own conclusions about where you can improve our golf game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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