Self Analysis of My 2020 Golf Season

At the end of every year, I like to sit back, pour a libation and ponder about my previous season. This introspection allows me to develop areas of improvement in my swing, course management, and improving my golfing experience. The 2020 golf season was very unique, excluding COVID, because I tracked more stats than ever before. Thus I have some concrete data in which to base my 2021 plan. Additionally, my self analysis helps me understand if my previous plan worked and were I might improve my processes to attain my ultimate goal of being a scratch golfer.

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Revisiting My Golf Stat Collection

After one day of tracking my approach shot stat of distance and where I missed, I am calling Uncle. Yup, it was an eye opener and I realized that the amount of data I was going to collect was folly! I actually felt like I was drowning in information that really offered no substantial value….as I found out!

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Changing Golf Stats To Measure GIR

Up until now, I have measured my first putt distance on all shots and broke it down further into GIR distances. This state has been helpful, but as my rounds pile up, it is becoming less and less valuable as I will explain below. As a result, I have decided to change my tracking numbers to focus on GIR or more specifically approach shots. I feel that this change will be more beneficial than my putting distances and hopefully this change will result in lower golf scores.

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Are You Loving Or Hating Your Golf Game?

Every golfer experiences the highs and lows during every golf season. It is impossible to sustain fantastic golf for months on end because we are, you know, mere mortals! Even the best players have games where they wonder where their swing went; of course the scale of great play is relative, but poor play happens to everyone. With this in mind, how is your golf game right now? Are you loving or hating it?

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Managing Statistics And What They Can Say

Statistics are a part of the modern era. They can be gathered, analysed, and shaped in at a moments notice. Depending on your focus, they can lead you down the wrong path or point you towards a pot of gold. This is true in all aspects of our life, but the challenge is to stay focused on the stat that means the most. The trick is to find that stat and shape your decision-making and actions to influence it. By doing so, a domino effect will occur and many areas of your data collection will grow. Let me explain.