Managing Statistics And What They Can Say

Statistics are a part of the modern era. They can be gathered, analysed, and shaped in at a moments notice. Depending on your focus, they can lead you down the wrong path or point you towards a pot of gold. This is true in all aspects of our life, but the challenge is to stay focused on the stat that means the most. The trick is to find that stat and shape your decision-making and actions to influence it. By doing so, a domino effect will occur and many areas of your data collection will grow. Let me explain.


My Golf Stats for 2019

I finally decided on which golf stats I want to track for 2019. We have discussed this before and now I have an excel tracking sheet that will cover the core stats needed to help me focus in areas I need to practice. Tracking stats for a grateful golfer like myself is fun and rewarding; not at all geekish.

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Golf Stats: The Number of Putts Per Round

I know how much everyone loves golf stats. Many players live by them and others don’t give a care. Personally, I think that some stats are helpful and others are useless. And then there are a few stats that are in the middle; like the number of putts per round. This stat is miss leading and can easily draw you down the rabbit hole into the abyss. Continue reading

A Lively Discussion About Golf Stats

Two days ago I asked the question about which golf stat was the most important. With out a question, there was one that quickly rose to the top of the pile. It is the one meaningful stat because it connects to all the others. I have discussed this stat before and I am reassured to hear that my earlier thoughts remain true today. Continue reading

My 2017 Golf Season Report Card

My 2017 golf season had many ups and downs. I have a few highlights where I exceed expectations and a few low points I would like to forget. Before I go further into some of the details, I want to say up front that I am grateful for all the golf I played and I am looking forward to 2018 all ready. Continue reading