Play Mind Games on The Golf Course

There are mind games and then there are mind games. Yesterday I played a round on my home course of Roundel Glen. I called ahead to set up a game with Mike; we teed off at 12:15 and the moment we stepped on first tee, the mind games began.

It is always inderstood that when Mike and I play a fun round of golf, there are no limits the ribbing, joking and well just about anything.

For example, Mike dropped his ball as he walked to the 12th tee and someone kicked it down the cart path before he noticed. It was funny seeing him walk around in confusion looking for his ball.

However, there is always that one joke or action that tops all others. During this round it happened on the 18th green. What do you think:

It was all in fun and I can hardly wait to get even…I mean tee it up.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


One thought on “Play Mind Games on The Golf Course

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