Are You a Player or Poser?

Right now there are a thousand cliché at this time reference a player verses a poser on the golf course. Additionally, you probably have just as many players you have encountered over the years who fit either category. Of course I am not looking for you to name names, but I can say that avoid posers as much as possible. I find that they are energy suckers and I have not time to waste on such individuals. I would prefer to spend my valuable time with golfers because they invigorate my game and for that I am grateful.

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Starting Strong and Finishing Weak On The Golf Course

Well, I accomplished my goal of having a great time on the links yesterday. I played with Blair and Rick (my usual crew), the weather was perfect and the is in the best shape of the year. The round took about 4 hours and we waited on every hole during the back nine; regardless of waiting so much, it was a perfect round on a perfect day.

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Do You Wear Jewelry Golfing?

In the past, I always removed my jewelry because I thought it interfered with my swing. Additionally, wearing rings would hurt my fingers so I always removed everything. Over the years, as my grip improved, I relented and now wear my wedding ring. That is the only piece of jewelry I wear and I do not plan to change that anytime soon. Additionally, I was thought that wearing something like a watch would affect the tempo of my swing.

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Happy Wednesday

I think this is what is happening at Osprey Links Golf Course today! The hazards of winter in Canada! 🙂

Have an awesome Wednesday!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!