Do You Wear Jewelry Golfing?

In the past, I always removed my jewelry because I thought it interfered with my swing. Additionally, wearing rings would hurt my fingers so I always removed everything. Over the years, as my grip improved, I relented and now wear my wedding ring. That is the only piece of jewelry I wear and I do not plan to change that anytime soon. Additionally, I was thought that wearing something like a watch would affect the tempo of my swing.

I am not really sure if my previous views have validity; especially if you look at Phil Mickelson:

The tip is a bonus. Look at his left wrist.

Phil Mickelson is notorious for wearing a large watch. It does not seem to affect his swing or does it? I cannot imagine wearing something so heavy on my wrist, it has to affect something. But, apparently not Phil.

The wearing of jewelry caught my attention during the US Open and it started me wondering if this was a trend or just a one of kind of thing. I really do not have an answer to my question, but I am not the only one who removes thier jewelry:

Moving forward, I still plan to wear my wedding ring, but nothing else. This is a personal choice and one that works for me. Today’s article is just a musing that I happen to have in my thoughts.

Do you wear jewelry when playing golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Do You Wear Jewelry Golfing?

  1. I used to, but not anymore. It has nothing to do with the swing though. I never felt like it was a problem at all even though like Phil’s, mines on the heavy side. I just stopped wearing a watch. My smart phone goes with me everywhere and that makes a watch superfluous. I wear it now only when trying to look a bit more dressy.

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