Do You Wear Jewelry Golfing?

In the past, I always removed my jewelry because I thought it interfered with my swing. Additionally, wearing rings would hurt my fingers so I always removed everything. Over the years, as my grip improved, I relented and now wear my wedding ring. That is the only piece of jewelry I wear and I do not plan to change that anytime soon. Additionally, I was thought that wearing something like a watch would affect the tempo of my swing.

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Golf Musings and Stuff

The final round of the US Women’s Open golf championship is today. Due to life events, I have not watched a single stroke. Of course this is disappointing, but there is nothing I can do about it.

I have watched the scores and see the Lydia Ko is at the top of the leaderboard. This is not a big surprise, but I was disappointed to see that Brooke Henderson did not make the cut (actually she made the cut and I was mistaken – note added on 11 July 16). Henderson’s performance will be dissected by the pundits, but for we, I will suggest that she will be back soon vying for another championship. Continue reading