500,000 Views and 291,000 Visitors At The Grateful Golfer

I am overwhelmed and elated at the recent resurgence in interest at The Grateful Golfer. I was looking at the tombstone data about my blog and realized I had hit one of original goals of 500,000 visitors.

Starting my golf musings in May 2012, I have used my writings as a way to cope with my health and mental challenges that started in 2009. Surprisingly, you the reader responded by continuing to support me every step of the way. For that I am truly grateful!

Thank you everyone for your continue support of The Grateful Golfer. Words cannot express my gratitude. Have an awesome day!

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “500,000 Views and 291,000 Visitors At The Grateful Golfer

  1. Well done Jim. I do like that you brought your friend to the course in your picture. Congrats on the great success of “The Grateful Golfer”.

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