Starting Strong and Finishing Weak On The Golf Course

Well, I accomplished my goal of having a great time on the links yesterday. I played with Blair and Rick (my usual crew), the weather was perfect and the is in the best shape of the year. The round took about 4 hours and we waited on every hole during the back nine; regardless of waiting so much, it was a perfect round on a perfect day.

The front nine was solid! I shot a smooth 1 over with an opportunity to play even, but I lipped out my birdie putt on the ninth hole. I really did not do anything spectacular; 1 birdie, 2 bogies and 6 pars. I hit the ball well and the highlight of the front nine was my irons. It was the best I had hit them in a long time. Too bad it is late in the season!

The back nine was a different story. I shot 6 pars, 1 bogey and 2 doubles and was never in trouble! The two doubles were goofy; on each hole I hit the ball into a hazard. One was in the water (pushed my tee shot right) and the other was deep in the woods (I pulled it left). Both were mental mistakes I wish I could have those shots back! But, I cannot, so I will smile and be happy that I played well for the rest of the round.

Yesterday was a great round and I had great fun. I was glad that Blair and Rick were there and I hope we get a chance to tee it up again before the end of year.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Starting Strong and Finishing Weak On The Golf Course

  1. Too bad about the doubles. There’s nothing I hate more during a round. But you’re right. They happen sometimes and if the pro’s get them we certainly can’t beat ourselves up when we do it. Glad you enjoyed your round.

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