Nearing the End of a Golf Season

For many northern clime golfers, the end of the golf season fast approaches. Unlike my friend Kirk who golfs all year round, I struggle to play the last few rounds before the cold weather sets in and the golf course officially closes. It is a sad time, but something I have learned to accept after 40+ years of hitting the links!

Each year, about this time, I gravitate towards focusing on fall activities. I try to walk more, kayak the last few times, maybe go fishing this year, or go leaf peeping (yes it is a thing). My wife and I like to drive around the local area looking at Mother Nature turn our green landscape into a kaleidoscopic of colours. We love watching the change, but we need to time things just right to gain the full affect of beautiful scenery.

It is time for layers for sure!

With respect to golfing, I dig out my layers, toque and gloves. It is a milestone that I pass each year and try to fight the change, but alas it is impossible to stop. For me, the weather affect I fight against the most is the wind. I realize my friends in Ireland thing that wind is a natural playing condition (right Padraig?), but here the wind is very cutting and chills us to the bone very quickly. So, dressing to reverse this negative affect is very important. The area that is affected the most by wind is my head and hands. There does not need to much wind to affect my game when it is cool.

I never play in the rain this time of year. It is folly to try because I would be freezing my the third hole and would have to pack it in. So if it is raining, I am staying home and enjoying a good book.

Lastly, walking is a the best idea. The heat generated from walking the course helps keep me warm. Additionally, it helps me enjoy the beautiful scenery for a few weeks anyway. Add the few days of playing fall golf in 15 degree weather is like hitting the beach! It is warmth from walking and the sun helps keep our positive mental attitude needed to play well. Walking in the sun is a win win.

As you can see, my golf season is starting to come to a close. I could extended it by making a trip down south, but that is not in the cards at this time. Maybe in the future, but for now I will remain positive and enjoy the slow transition from summer to fall.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Nearing the End of a Golf Season

  1. Jim,

    You have hit it on the head that this time of year in Canada is difficult as the golf season nears the end, but following your blog and constant other comms, I know that you have had a great golf season.

    Yes it is true that golf in Australia offers year-round fun. We just startedSpring golf after a fairly warm winter of hitting the links. Once summer arrives in December, the days will be perfect. Summer is crazy hot and means early games or late after work to enjoy the links.

    As Michelle and I go to the course most days, we will be dedicating our time thinking about you and Ter and your amazing outlook on life. We could not have better friends and I will be sure to bring the duck out for appearances.



    • Kirk,

      I am glad that you are playing more. Down Under definitely offers some great opportunities to play and enjoy your time on the course. I am glad that the Duck is making an appearance, I am sure he is misses you taking him to the course.

      Cheers Jim


  2. There’s still time to find a neighbor or golf buddy who summers in Florida that won’t mind an extra driver. November and early December seem to be when most Canadians get here. Then you only need to buy a ticket back home. Christmas on the golf course is a thing here. Lol

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