Throwing Golf Clubs – A No-No For Sure

I recently ran a poll and found that throwing clubs (at least once in their career) was not that uncommon. We all see the professionals launching their tools great distances, but it is not something that is supported by a majority of the fans. I for one do not support it, but understand the frustration that can occur from time to time.

At 73%, throwing clubs is something that happens from time to time. I have told stories in the past about players doing this and talked about Rory McIlroy launching a club or two, yet I did not realize many others did this with devastating results. I am not sure I would throw a $200 (or more) club with the chance to break it. I cannot see me doing this at all.

I always wondered why and the best response came from my friend, Andre, in Winnipeg:

Andre is completely right that the greater the expectations, the more frustration one would feel after hitting a poor shot. It makes complete sense to me and I have felt such frustration over the year, especially with my short irons. However, I have refrained from launching my gap wedge although it might have needed a fine tuning.

Throwing clubs is a no-no. I have never tossed a club out of frustration and do not see me doing it in the future. For full disclosure, I have thrown a club for fun (an old one not used) just to see how far I could launch it. It went about 50 yards.

Throwing clubs is not something I think about. Do you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Throwing Golf Clubs – A No-No For Sure

  1. Jim,

    I tossed a club once when I was younger and got put in my place. Never again. However I’ve been known to drop the odd club behind my back in my follow-thru when my ball is sailing offline, haha.



  2. Personally, I consider it the act of a child and can’t understand it at all. But I’ve seen plenty of it over the years. I once worked for a company owned by 3 guys who often took the whole company out to play. One of the three had tantrums and tossed clubs almost every time we went out. Once he even tossed the whole set bag and all into a lake. I will never understand that behavior.

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  3. Jim,
    Your reference to tools is spot on.
    As a carpenter, I have had occasion to miss hit a nail.
    The notion of slinging my hammer across the job site is unfathomably ludicrous!
    Cheers, Seth

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  4. Jim, the last one I threw was about 30 years ago. Landed in tall grass and my group spent 10 minutes searching for it. Learned my lesson then. I don’t even think about doing it now. The worst I’ll do is slam one into the ground on the odd occasion.



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