I Need Help Preparing for Fall Golf

It is August first already and where I live we have about 30 days of fantastic weather before the temperature starts to change. With this change, we Canadians start to look at how to extend our golf season as long as possible. I know that today seems like an odd day but my golf season is at its midway point, so time to get ready. Continue reading

Brrr…..It is Cold On the Golf Course

Fall is quickly approaching and it is time to break out the multiple layers of clothing stuffed away for golfing emergencies. My golf gloves have secretly made their way to my golf bag and my toque is already a permanent resident. So I am all set for another month or so of fall golf.

glimmer is hope



Evening golf is slowly transitioning into afternoon golf and early birds are now early morning birds. The encroachment of cooler temperatures is a fact of life living in Canada, but one most of us gladly embrace. Yet, most golfers stubbornly reject the idea of transitioning to another activity. This is where my challenges arise; staying mentally prepared to play golf as the glimmer of hope for another awesome round fades away into the horizon! Continue reading