Playing Golf In Fall Weather

Unlike my golfing friends to the south, fall golf provides an additional challenge because of the changing and unpredictable weather. It is inevitable that the temperature fluctuations will force golfers to evaluate their equipment, clothing, and desire to want to hit the links. This time of year can provide the best of conditions to play golf, however the conditions change so quickly that all four seasons can be experienced in one round. Regardless, if you live in the northern climes, then you are aware that to prolong our season, we need to have the proper equipment and mental attitude to play.

I took this information from a previous post. I thought it was important to new golfers to understand that anyone can be uncomfortable. Preparing to play golf in the cooler weather does take some thought. Here is what I think:

Here are some other things to consider when playing in cold weather.

  • A toque is a must. It will keep your head warm and as most of us cold weather dwellers know, your head is where you lose a large portion of your warmth.
  • Gloves are a benefit. Personally, I wear mittens in between shots. There are gloves a player can wear all the time, but I have never been able to comfortably swing a club wearing gloves. This is where mitts are a must for me!
  • Keeping hydrated is critical. Most players forget this important point. During cold weather, dehydration is a very distinct possibility. People forget to drink water and find they lack energy during the last 3 holes.
  • Choosing the correct golf ball! Balls with lower compression work better in the cooler temperatures. Higher compression golf balls feel like rocks. Lower compression balls with travel farther and not hurt your hands as your round progresses. Okay, I realize this is a random thought and has nothing to do with layers, but I thought I would through it in anyway.
  • Lastly, avoid getting wet. This is an obvious statement, however being wet is not your friend. Whether a player gets wet through sweating too much, walking over dew covered grass, trudging through the snow or digging your ball out of a water hazard, the affect is the same. If you are wet, you get cold. I would recommend carrying an extra pair of socks and mittens just in case.
Anyone can be uncomfortable playing golf: dress in layers!

The most important strategy to keeping warm in the fall is to dress in layers. Many of us have a wind breaker or a rain suit in our bag to combat warm adverse conditions. However, add cooler temperatures into the mix and now some forethought is required.

I recommend three layers. A dry-fit long-sleeved turtleneck, a cotton golf shirt, and a gortex-type wind breaker for outer wear. If you require a fourth layer, it might be time to head to the clubhouse. 😉

I recommend single layer wind pants. As a player starts to walk the course, they will warm up.

The trick to playing in cold weather is not to sweat, but stay warm enough to swing the club comfortably. Layers focuses on keeping most of your body warm and dry.

Lastly, wearing comfortable water resistant shoes is a must. I you play in the morning or late afternoon, due/frost is a challenge. Having warm dry feet will definitely add to the comfort of playing in the fall. Golf is a sport that does require some forethought before hitting the links and knowing what works for your game will only improve your chances to remain comfortable while you enjoy your round.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Playing Golf In Fall Weather

  1. Jim, I agree with all of your points and I play as long as courses are open. Proper layers and mitts along with a tuque makes playing fun in cold weather.

    The only thing I will add, you need to walk, it will keep you warm.

    I played on Tuesday and it was hot and humid. Yesterday, I was in tournament where it was cold and windy, fortunately I came prepared.

    I was supposed to be playing golf in Prince Edward Island on Sunday on my way to visit my niece in Nova Scotia. She and her husband are military. My brother and I are holed up in our hotel in Rivière du Loup, Quebec. Because of the storm, PEI is out, we will go to Nova Scotia on Sunday, after the storm passes if all goes according to plan

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  2. Down here I would say that the two most important things in my bag are the quart bottle of ice water and the wet towel I keep in the same pouch so that it stays cold. The towel is used to wipe my face when needed and to lay on my neck while walking from shot to shot. That keeps the possibility of heat exhaustion/stroke at bay better than anything I’ve tried. That ice cold hand towel sitting on my neck for the few short minutes while I walk from my drive to the ball does wonders. I’ll still come out drenched in sweat. Nothing stops that when it’s 95 degrees with 78% humidity. But the difference in how that oppressive amount of heat effects me during a round with or without that cold towel is larger than some may believe. I think it’s a big reason why I win as often as I do. I’m still playing pretty fresh by the end of the round. Still have it in me to go for that last par 4 and try and ace it.

    Heat stroke is no joke. And it gets us young and old. I’ve been foolish enough a couple times in my life. At the beach and on the golf course. Young, and not so young. Neither time was fun.

    BTW, keep your eye out on Hurricane Fiona. I don’t think you’re in the direct path, but that’s a big storm. Might bring some pretty heavy winds even as far away as you are. It’s one of those storms that could have swallowed all of Florida if it had had a mind to. The 130 mph winds near the center could still bring 60 mile per hour winds or better a hundred miles away. So keep an eye on it. Either to protect, or to make use of. I hit a 400 yard drive once thanks to winds from a passing hurricane. lol

    Getting dialed in lately. Missed two aces tonight by a club heads length. A 5 hybrid and a 9 iron. And I was still striping the 4 wood as well though I was getting a tiny bit of draw with it today without trying to. Not sure what I was doing. But it was a pretty flight I could get used to. I just needed to aim for it. We’ll see if it sticks around. Oh, and I guess I learned a new word tonight. I’ve always called those hats beanies.

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    • Kevin,

      We are far inland and Fiona will not affect us, but I have family in the path. To use a beanie is a small round had that covers the back of you head. The toque is to keep us warm. Great that you are playing well. Sometimes not knowing, but still be able to repeat the swing is a good think because we do not have to think about the mechanics of success. Good luck next time out and stay dialed in.

      Cheers Jim


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