Experimenting With Different Golf Balls

The great debate continues about whether a more expensive ball plays better than a less costly one. As a rule, I use an expensive ball (Pro V1 and Pro V1x) in the warm days of summer and a Wilson 50 in the early spring and fall. Much of my choice depends on the weather; actually the temperature of the day is the critical factor. Playing in the best ball tournament last weekend proved that I was a bit quick changing to the Wilson 50 during the warm wet weather.

The first day of the tournament I played the Wilson 50. I thought with the wet weather would impact my ball flight more than it did. The temperature was about 20° C (68°F) but it felt cooler. I hit the ball well and had a good handle on my distance control. There was very little roll, but I expected that because of the wet conditions. I thought that I was using the proper ball that is until the next day!

I decided to switch things up on the second day and what a difference it made. I was hitting the ball much farther with every club. In fact, I was hitting the so well that it got me in trouble because I was over clubbing a few shots. Our three over was the result of three penalty strokes I made because the ball rolled out much farther than I had expected. I was amazed the difference using the two different quality of balls made to my game.

I always knew that playing Titleist Pro Vs were a great ball, but I did not realize the difference they actually make to my game. I was hitting the ball longer, put more spin on approach shots, I putted better and the ball felt great off my clubs. I wondered if this great improvement of my game was a one of or do I need to use my Pro V1s more often.

I used my Pro V1s on Tuesday during my match play event. And to no surprise, I was hitting the ball very well and closed out my match early. So, I am happy to have notice that hitting a better quality of ball does make a difference to may game because I was thinking about switching to Wilson 50 full time. Well, I am happy to say that I will keep my previous strategy and to only use the Wilson 50 during cool weather in the spring and fall.

My experiment of using two different balls during the same conditions paid off. To be fair, it was a fluke, but I am happy it happened. So, for now the Pro V1s stay in my bag.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Experimenting With Different Golf Balls

  1. Oh, I love this debate. 😍

    I am of the personal opinion of course that a premium ball is a waste of money. I actually have a Pro V 1 that was given to me on my push cart right now but I played these past 3 weeks with a no name Wilson ball that cost me about 66 cents. That makes them 84 dollars cheaper for the same quantity (24) at todays covid/russian/just in time manufacturing induced inflated prices.

    There isn’t 84 dollars difference to my game. There isn’t a nickels difference to my game which of those two balls I grab. Not with driver, iron, wedge, or putter. Not flight. Not distance. And not spin. There is a sound and feel difference. I don’t find either one better, just different for most clubs, but with the mallet I prefer the cheap ball because the pro v doesn’t give me the feel off the soft face of the mallet I own while the cheap balls cover provides that feel better. With the blade though, it’s not something that matters. It’s sound only and the sound of a good hit is great whether it’s a click or a thud if you know what I mean.

    Btw, that cheap ball took the win outright tonight. Out of 6 reachable par 4’s it was inside 12 feet 4 times. One of those was a four footer. And the two that missed that mark, they were almost as close, but I was chipping from the rough not putting. Not as good but I think I was still closest to the pin on those two as well. One for sure.

    All that said, this is what I find for me. But I would note also that a premium ball is made to do it’s best job for pro swings. Pro swing speeds. Speeds most of us simply don’t have. One of the guys in tonights group hits a 7 iron 200 yards. I wouldn’t question his choice of TP 5. I can’t relate. But I can beat him and his TP 5 with a 66 cent ball.

    You might give the Duo a try. When I can’t get my cheap ball that’s what I buy lately. I think it does me better than the 50. It’s kind of a halfway house.

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    • Kevin,

      I realize there is a tremendous difference between the two balls. I know I could find something cheaper than the Pro V1 that would likely perform to the same standard. I was trying to show that there is a difference in golf balls with respect to temperature and conditions. In your case, you rarely play in temperatures lower than 70° F, where here it is not unusual to play in the low 60s and 50s where the Pro V1 (in my opinion) do not perform well. I do notice the difference in performance and enough so that I need to be wary of this fact. Regardless, there really is no wrong answer here because each player should find the ball that best suits their game. The more inexpensive ones definitely have value and should not be overlooked.

      Cheers Jim


      • Oh, we get weather like that too. Just not much and it’s usually just Jan and Feb that it hits us and only for a couple days at a time. It even snowed here twice in the 53 years I’ve lived here. Not enough to cover the ground but still, it was snow. And I do play up north on occasion too. The last time it snowed on me during the round but I don’t remember what ball I was playing at the time.

        Took another win tonight thanks to two shots that almost went in. One with the 5 hybrid and one with the 9 iron. Both ended about 4 inches from the hole. This work on separation seems to be bringing with it a few extra really quality shots the past few days.

        But that’s now 6 days of golf in a row. I think tomorrow is going to be a rest day. My back is telling me I need it. lol

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