Having Golf Equipment Stored for a Rainy Day

Coming from a golfer who has 6 sets of golf clubs in the garage and one more on the way, I can honestly say that I have plenty of golf equipment stored ready for use. I am not sure there is a minimum amount of stores that players need because it is a personal thing, but I suggest that having some equipment on hand will help reduce overall playing costs. And this is always a good thing, don’t you think?

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Golf Goal: Use a Golf Ball for At Least One Round

The golf ball industry must just laugh at amateur golfers. Although thrifty players will re-purpose found golf balls, the fact is that most players will go through dozens of balls in one golf season. Personally, I put aside four dozen new balls and hope that they last the season. In reality, I only used three dozen of my new allotment, on average, over the past five years because I generally get a few rounds out of each golf ball. Additionally, I am not adverse to using found golf balls if they meet my exacting standards (and yes, I do have standards for found golf balls).

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Hitting A Cold Golf Ball

Hitting a cold golf ball is never fun. The vibrations continuously reverberate up the shaft of the club into our hands, wrists and elbows. After 60 or so swings, my joints become annoyed and they want a rest. Of course, this does not stop me from going out the next day in the cool temperatures, but it is something I am aware of and try to prevent. My efforts to reduce the impact of these vibrations are the main reason I rarely injure myself in the fall.

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Are You a Rebel or Traditionalist Golfer?

Over my many years of golfing, golf has changed. Some things for the better and others, well, not so much. What has remained constant is the attempts of equipment manufactures to make changes regardless the value. As consumers, we understand that they do this to make money and that is okay when you live in a market economy. However, I do have to discuss the recent changes to the golf ball; it seems that they might have gone a step too far!

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Consistency of Play and Golf Balls

Golf is a sport that requires a high level of consistency. Regardless of what you are doing on the course, repeating the same positive motion is a must to achieve low golf scores. This is an understood premise of all low handicappers, yet there is one thing that most amateurs are doing that sabotages their game: they use old, found golf balls when they play. Continue reading