Having Golf Equipment Stored for a Rainy Day

Coming from a golfer who has 6 sets of golf clubs in the garage and one more on the way, I can honestly say that I have plenty of golf equipment stored ready for use. I am not sure there is a minimum amount of stores that players need because it is a personal thing, but I suggest that having some equipment on hand will help reduce overall playing costs. And this is always a good thing, don’t you think?

Personally, I have a few dozen golf balls, plenty of tees, some towels, hats, shoes, and other assorted ‘must haves’ ready to play at a moments notice. Personally, I like to keep a supply locker full of things so I can wait out the price tides and buy my required items on sale. Of course, this is not always the case, but over an entire season I can save a substantial amount of money.

Just to give you an idea of what I mean, I try to keep the following on hand at any time:

  • 4 dozen golf balls;
  • 100 long and short tees;
  • 3 pairs of golf shoes. When one wears out, I start looking for a new pair;
  • 5 hats;
  • 3 towels; and
  • 3 umbrellas.

This might seem excessive, however it is hard to forecast my consumables needs from day to day, but the hats, shoes, towels and umbrellas are easier to manage. Regardless, by staying ahead of the curve I am able to save money of the course of a year.

I think that most golfers have a stash of golf equipment for a rainy day. It really is a matter of how this stash of golf equipment is manage that will make the difference in our pocket book. Of course everyone has their own way of managing golf equipment and I like to take the frugal approach if I can. With the amount of golf I play, saving money with my rainy day stash just makes sense.

Do you have a rainy day stash of golf equipment?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Having Golf Equipment Stored for a Rainy Day

  1. Until I moved, I had more than I needed. Now I have just what I need. And it’s all in the bag except the hats, umbrella and two sleeves of balls that I forgot in the back of the car earlier today. As for shoes, my golf shoes gave out a couple of weeks ago. I wore my running shoes a couple of times that week and have since decided not to bother buying golf specific shoes. So far, I haven’t seen any downside but it’s not yet the rainy season and I may change my mind on that later.

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    • Kevin

      One of the top golfers in tje Canadian Armed Forces only worn running shoes regardless of the weather. He was a 1 handicap. His swing was very balanced; not sure I could do it. Let me know how you make out in a month wearing only sneakers.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, I too try to purchase golf items on sale and keep a stock of golf supplies. Must admit, my golf ball purchases over the past two years have exceeded my current ball loss rate and I now have 11 boxes of new balls. It is an assortment of balls I have tried or plan to try or I use regularly (Pro Vs). I am well equipped from clothes, to shoes, to gloves, to tees, to accessories and obviously golf balls. I have three sets of adult clubs – current set, plus 2 older ones I keep for visitors who may want to golf. Take care and thanks for the blog!

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    • Colin,

      Sounds like you could open a golf store.😉 I am glad to hear the lost ball to new ball ratio is improving. Nothing worse that teeing up a brand new ball a hacking it into the woods! I hope we can all hit the links soon.

      Cheers Jim


  3. Jim, with seven sets, you could start a day camp or give clinics. Seriously, what are you doing with all those clubs? I have maybe two and a half sets and the spares just gather dust in the basement. Actually donated a set and some spares to the Boy Scouts a few years back.

    Hope the weather breaks soon and you can get out with your new sticks!



    • Brian,

      I realize it seems that I have plenty of golf clubs, but they are not all for me. I have two woman’s sets, three men’s of which on is left, and two kids sets (a left and right). Most are not the greatest quality, but I needed them for when guests visit and did not bring their clubs. I am a bit crazy that way I guess.

      The weather should break tomorrow with above 0 (32 degrees F) everyday moving forward. I hope we have rounded the corner. Regardless, my indoor area is still looking awesome.

      Keep safe.

      Cheers Jim

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