Video Of My DIY Indoor Golf Practice Area

After several months from the first ask, I finally put together a video of my DIY indoor golf practice area. It is nothing fancy, but I figure Brian from All About Golf was losing faith that I would not deliver. Well, here it is. I hope you enjoy it!

The video masterpiece you have been waiting for:

Before everyone tears me apart for what I am wearing. Understand that it is on 7° C (45° F) in my garage and that is with my wood stove going. It is actually quite comfortable for hitting golf balls.

Additionally, you will see that I needed to put mats at the bottom of the hitting net to prevent my golf balls from bouncing all over the place. I know it is not fancy, but it is very functional. Overall, I am extremely happy with how everything worked out.

What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! see you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Video Of My DIY Indoor Golf Practice Area

  1. Hi everyone, new to the WP community. High handicapper interested in all things golf, particularly putting in the work to get better. Wonderfully creative. I didn’t think about the utility of padding or covering the floor in order to prevent golf balls from ricocheting, so thanks for that “pro tip”. Has anyone tried a setup like this? I want to set one up in my Northern Virginia patio, but worried about hitting an errant shot that might not get captured by the net. Any suggestions, or things to be aware of? Thanks in advance.


    • Dethrell

      Welcome to the world of improving your golf game. It is a fantastic pass time that allows you to challenge yourself as much or as little as you want. I watched the video and it is interesting and has some merit. It really depends on the abilities. If you are brand new, I would focus on the process of grip, stance, ball position, etc. These are the things that will help you lower your handicap and build a strong foundation moving forward.

      As far as the net goes, I stand about 15 feet from the net when hitting balls. When trying different things, I have hit the odd ball that bounces around, but that is a rare thing from that close. Lastly, do not have anything rigid in the hitting area. Have a loose net that will absorb the golf ball energy and you should be fine.

      I have many tips for the all levels of golfers at this golf blog. I hope you find them useful and have fun with your journey.

      Cheers Jim


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  4. Today was a golfing kind of day. Light, cool breeze, warm sun, and a course that wasn’t very busy. There was a problem though. One I didn’t expect to run into so soon. Brian mentioned it the other day. A course near him removed the pins. Our courses pulled them today until further notice. What they didn’t do was flip the cups and leave them sticking up like Brian mentioned. While that would be disappointing from a putting perspective it at least gives an aiming point on the green. Just pulling the flags means you’re hitting all your par 3’s and all your approach shots blind. You are stuck with hitting to the center or taking an even bigger chance trying to guess where the hole is.

    Now I get to play free here so it’s probably easier on me to take that in stride, but I made a game of it and enjoyed my round. I played pretty good considering attacking the flag was just not possible at all today except on chips where you could walk up and find the hole first. I got a lot of practice on really long putts. And got to see a new dimension in how to think my way around the course. I’ll be glad when we can go back to normal, and I may at some point mention the cup thing, though I’m not sure, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy being able to still play, and see if I can learn something from this new experience. Maybe I’ll try and play earlier when the course is busier so I can see where people are putting to on the next hole and get a clue where to hit it. Or maybe I’ll mix it up a little and try playing one or two days hitting to the fringes instead of the middle and get more chipping practice in around the green. Whatever, I’m on the course, getting better all around, and I can’t really ask for more right now.

    I assume we will see more and more of this. The rest of our beaches closed today. We all have to do our part, and I guess, no pins and maybe no cups isn’t too much of a sacrifice to make for awhile for us golfers. Not if we look at it in perspective and keep a positive attitude about it. Like you, we can all be the grateful golfer.

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    • Kevin,

      At least you are playing for now. We still have snow on the ground. I am not sure what the immediate future holds, but we will have some version of what you and Brian described – I am sure. Until then, I will keep hitting balls in my garage. Stay safe.

      Cheers Jim


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