Quick Fixes Or The Ben Hogan Practice Method – You Choose!

In today’s fast paced, instant gratification society, it only makes sense that many amateur golfers are looking for a quick fix to improve their golf game. I would lie if I did not think this from time to time, but most long-in-the-tooth golfers understand that this approach to improving as a false trail leading to disappointment. However, quick fixes can provide a start point to improvement through only one process. Can you guess what it is?

Basically, I am following Ben Hogan’s secret of focused practice. He was brilliant about setting goals or milestones to accomplish and provided a simple, repeatable method to succeed. Here it is in a nut shell:

With time on my hands, I think I will start to adopt this method in earnest. I already set specific goals when practicing, but fall short of writing them down and visualizing my success prior to starting. I think this might be a great way to improve the quality of my practice and improve my overall golf game.

What I like specifically about Hogan’s approach is that I forces us to clear our mind of the many distractions or “white noise” that rattles around in our mind while practicing (and ultimately playing). By focusing on one specific part of our swing, it helps us cement what we might be trying to improve.

For example, yesterday I was working on my wrist action from my waist to waist. I feel that I loose power because I do now ‘snap’ my wrists through contact or roll them enough to generate power. Well, I work on this for about 20 balls and noticed some improvement. However, I will definitely need to revisit this area because nothing is fixed in 20 golf balls.

Ben Hogan provides a road map to improvement. It is not about quick fixes, but about improving our game through focused practice. I believe in this method and think it helps my overall golf game. It is a matter of putting in the time and the desire to improve.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Quick Fixes Or The Ben Hogan Practice Method – You Choose!

  1. Jim, from my perspective, you have to write down your goals and figure out a way to measure progress against them. Goals that are nebulous are too easy to abandon. I just realized that my one goal for this year “learn to work the ball” is too nebulous and I need to return to the drawing board. Nothing wrong with process oriented goals, but you need a way to measure.
    Good luck!

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  2. Hi JIm,
    Focus is a strong point, went through the first nine holes today in four over par. Fell apart on the back nine. Most distracting for me is looking for someone else’s ball in the rough. Going back to my ball it is hard to re-focus on the shot in hand.


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  3. I really need some more video of my swing to see what I am doing now. I know I have tightened up a lot of areas I was failing at when I got to get back on the course and I need to “see” how the swing looks now to decide what to work on next. And I really need both front and side views to get what I need. Because to add more power, or rather more speed to my swing, I have to watch the club in relation to my hands through the swing. I know what I feel, but that is seldom exactly what is really happening.
    I can see my divots of course, so I know I am now striking ball first better than ever and I can see the path of the swing after impact. What I can’t see is how long I am holding my lag, and whether I’m laying off at the top and how much if/when I am. The biggest issue with my game at present is controlling the ball flight. I’m hitting draws on occasion when I don’t want to and not getting any draw sometimes when I do want it. Right now, I think the issue is related mostly to path, but I just can’t convince myself that I’m right without seeing the swing on video. I’ve guessed wrong far too many times in the past when basing just on feel.
    It’s a pain to get detailed video at the range and really, really hard on the course. But in the back yard, or in your case, the garage, it’s far easier. I think Hogan would approve (and it could provide some extra material for your blog maybe too). For me, since I’m pushing a cart, I’ll just balance the phone on my bag and get what I need a piece at a time.
    In other news, one of the smaller cities in our county sent out an email telling us their municipal course was closing for the time being. Our most famous beach has been closed as well. And in our complex, many of the activities have been cancelled. I haven’t heard about closing the courses here yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it happen at some point. So I want to take a moment to wish you luck both with staying healthy, and that your courses open and stay open for you when the weather is finally warm enough for you to play.

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    • Kevin,

      Great to hear from you. Yes, taking video in my garage will be easier and helpful. Right now I am just trying to work out the kinks from a long off-season.

      Thanks for the well wishes and back at you. We are staying home 98% of the time with no visitors. The other 2 % is out and get what we need then back home. Some golf courses are opening; we shall see how long it lasts.



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