The Craziness of Opening Day

As opening day creeps closer, I start to prepare for the first tee. Every golfer has a routine, superstitions, or must do things that ensure the are ready to hear the crack of the their driver hitting their ball. Of course, may of us need to back track a few days (weeks) before the joy of playing golf in 2020 begins. This year, I am going to try something different to stem the craziness and manage my excitement of teeing it up.

Of course I am going to prepare my golf clubs by giving them a scrub. Of course this is not really needed because they are brand new, but why break tradition. Additionally, I will clean out my bag; put a sleeve of brand new golf balls; ensure my towel is clean; wash my shoes; and ensure my favorite ball marker is in my bag.

Early with coffee on Opening Day!

Their is a difference between preparation (as above) and craziness of anticipation. I can honestly say that after 6 months of waiting to the course to open my excitement gets the best of me. I will show up at course about 1.5 hours before my tee time. We do not have a driving range at my home course, so I spend a great deal of time chipping and putting……and waiting!

Hitting balls before Opening Day!

However, now that I have an area to hit balls before I even go to the course, I will be able to work out my excitement before I even head to the course. Additionally, I will hit more balls for the days leading up to my first tee time. This will also temper my joy that the course is opening. So, this is how I am going to keep my mind from exploding with joy – Hit more Golf Balls!

I realize that this is nothing new for you players of warmer climes who do not a 6 month off-season; but for me it is brand new. I think that tiring myself out, a bit, before my first tee time is the key to trying to control the craziness of opening day! The worst that happens is that the craziness takes over! 🙂

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “The Craziness of Opening Day

      • Jim, that 45 minute drive might serve as a cool down especially if you get to the course and need to chip and putt. What I have found on days that I don’t have time to hit balls is that if I do some brief cardio at home before I arrive at the course, it helps to set the system. I do like 1/2 mile on the treadmill at a small incline and about 4 mph. Gets the heart going which is better than standing on the first tee cold. Alternatively, you could try some swings at home to get loose and see if it lasts. Good luck!

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  1. You deserve to express a little of the stir crazy you’ve built up over the months. Let it out. Enjoy it. Then throw all that out because it’s your turn to swing. 🤣


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