Supporting Your Local Golf Course Is Just Plain Smart

I like finding as much golf value for the buck as I can. I hunt for deals and try to stretch my money as far as possible. I think that most golfers are like me and spend their money at many golf stores other than at their local golf course. Over the years, I learned that if I take the time to talk the pro at my local proshop, I make an equal or better deal than I can anywhere else. In those cases, I save money and have instant access to the equipment I am trying to buy. Not only do I save money, but I am supporting my local golf course and that is just smart!

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Having Golf Equipment Stored for a Rainy Day

Coming from a golfer who has 6 sets of golf clubs in the garage and one more on the way, I can honestly say that I have plenty of golf equipment stored ready for use. I am not sure there is a minimum amount of stores that players need because it is a personal thing, but I suggest that having some equipment on hand will help reduce overall playing costs. And this is always a good thing, don’t you think?

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Keeping Your Golf Equipment in Working Order

Most golfers have thousands of dollars invested in their golf equipment. I am one of those players who meticulously cares for their clubs to ensure that when I am ready to play, I will not be held back by faulty equipment. Other than cleaning, which is habitual, repairs and maintenance are important and happen all year around. The question I was asked recently is if I do my own maintenance or farm it out to a more experienced maintainer.

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Using Used Golf Balls

A couple of posts ago, I asked from where you bought your golf balls. There was varied responses, but most players understand the value of not using old re-purposed golf balls. Personally, I am in total agreement with this idea, but I understand the value of using cheaper equipment.

However, yesterday I saw something that goes a bit further than buying second-hand golf balls. I mean, we all use balls we find on the course. We look at it and determine its condition before deciding on whether to put the ball in our bag or not. Is there a chance that some players take this concept just a bit too far? Continue reading