Enjoying The Start Of Summer Golf

Golf in my area officially started just over a month ago. Since that joyous occasion, we have put up with COVID limitations and unpredictable weather. Well, with high 20° C weather expected all week, I can officially say that summer golf is finally here. Normally, this would not mean much to most players, but for me it is a turning point where I start to make my traditional changes to my game.

The first thing I do is put away my spring golf balls (Wilson 50 and Wilson Duo). I pull out my Snell and Pro Vs. With the constant heat, these balls have proven to be the best for my game. Additionally, most of the rust is gone so I will likely lose less of these expensive golf balls. I switch because it will improve my short game because they are more pliable to a softer touch I want around the green.

I dig out my golf shoes that do not react well to wet weather. They are comfortable, but feel best in warmer temperatures. Additionally, I rotate my four pairs through a week of playing to ensure that they are completely dry when I wear them. Half are spikeless and have are not; I try and wear the spikeless shoes on completely dry days.

I book my tee off times as early as possible in the morning. I like to beat the heat of the day by playing early. With COVID going on, there are no early birds due to health restrictions, so playing between 7 and 7:30 am is the norm. I also play best during this time because it is not too hot and I am not battling the heat as well as course conditions.

Lastly, I will not carry my clubs until the fall. I was not carrying much this year anyway because I am nursing a few injuries, but I plan on carrying my clubs come September. I enjoy toting my clubs because it offers a different feel when playing. Additionally, I like the extra exercise.

Well, those are the changes I make when summer is officially here. Today, during my round, I will be instituting all of the above. It should improve my game…..thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Enjoying The Start Of Summer Golf

  1. Hi Jim,
    I am struggling with cold, wet and windy conditions. Played my first game for three months last week, not good. COVID lockdown, followed by pneumonia has left its mark. Enjoy your summer, I am already looking forward to our next warm round.


  2. Jim, as long as you don’t pull a Casey Martin on us, you’ll be fine.

    I have no idea where my game is at. Up until last weekend, I was in good form. It was a real hot day, we got paired with two beginners, and something just wasn’t right. I made a couple of routine pars on the first two holes and then like four doubles and shot 86. One of THOSE rounds. I’ve booked a lesson with my guy on Friday and it’s the first one of the year. I’m starting late because of COVID and was probably self-medicating with swing video for too long. Now my wife just had surgery so I’m helping her around the house. Also cancelled my golf trip to Boyne.

    Maybe July is just a throw away month. Who knows, maybe my guy will straighten me out.




    • Brian

      You are in a situation where life events are more important than golf. Personally, I completely understand and looking after your/my family is always paramount. It is not even close. I hope your wife recovers very quickly.

      As far as your game with the beginners, well I think you do not have anything wrong with your game. Sometimes watching players that struggle is a challenge and you almost need a reset to get back to where you were before. I would suggest that not worrying about your last round is a good place to start. Your game is there, one poor round does not change your ability to play….believe me, I know this from experience. 😉

      Cheers Jim

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    • Brian,

      My hip is the real issue and has been for quite some time. I can walk 18 holes no problem, but I am remiss to do 2 days in a row. I am hoping that it heals soon. I am working out and stretching, so it is getting stronger. The perils of being older. I hope all is well and that your game is as sharp as ever.

      Cheers Jim


  3. You’re well prepared for the height of your season. That’s awesome. We’re all looking forward to hearing that your on your way to scratch golf.

    BTW, I know you already have a new set or irons, but Rick Shields is giving away two complete sets of your choice to two people anywhere in the world for breaking a million subscribers. Here’s a link to the video where he announces it so anyone that wants can get in on the chance.

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