Lucky Shot or Just Plain Skill

With the amount of golf I play, the odds must be in my favour that I will hit a great shot from time to time. Additionally, I spent a fair bit of time practicing my short game with the intent of lowering my golf scores. I have successfully improved my short game, but I still need to stay focused on my goal of being even a better player. Fortunately, there was a shot during my last round that greatly increased my passion for staying the course!

16th Hole Approach Shot at Osprey Links Golf Course

You cannot see this the green, but it is two tiered and the pin was 4 paces on the top tier past the crest. There is a bunker back left, as sharp drop off on the back and to the right. As you can see their are three bunkers guarding the front.

The pin in the above picture is 77 yards from my ball. I know this because I use my range finder to know exactly how far to hit my next club. I selected my sand wedge and decided to hit it at 3/4 swing. I decided that since the pin was in the middle of the green, it was time to go hunting.

My friend Rick was right behind me watching me set up. As I hit my ball he said that it was right at the pin. I watched my ball b-line for the pin and felt the elation of making a good shot. Well, my good shot turned into a great shot as my ball landed 5 paces short into the top face of the hill. Took one hop and hit the pin. My ball stopped an inch from the lip and I was left with a tap in birdie.

I think that after adopting my new strategy of hitting the ball to the pin, I am experiencing less lucky shots and more skilled shots. I feel a growing confidence that I am on the right path to lower golf scores. Now I just need to hit another 1000 or so to really ingrain the proper swing thoughts!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Lucky Shot or Just Plain Skill

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  2. That’s my favorite distance to play from, though I use a gap wedge instead. From between 70 and 80 yards from the hole situated just a few paces onto the top tier of the last hole on old home course the year before it closed, I eagled 4 times one year. I played the entire hole the same way so many times (3 iron off the tee, 7 iron over the trees to cut the corner and gap wedge in, that I think at least one was inevitable, but to get 4 eagles on the same hole and in the space of less than a year was amazing to me. Those 4 were very similar to yours. A multi tiered green with the flag just a few paces back on the top tier with nothing but trouble in front and behind. All four landed into the bank of that top tier and found their way to the bottom of the cup. Your handicap confirms your the better golfer, so I must be the luckier one. And I’ll take all the luck I can get. 🏌️‍♀️🤞😉🤞

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    • Kevin

      I remember you telling me about your “skilled” shots into the par 5 last year. I say skilled because you did it 4 times….once would be lucky I think. I agree that we have to be lucky to be good and it is good to be lucky. Have a great day.

      Cheers Jim


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