Celebrating A Great Golf Shot

There is no correct way to celebrate a great golf shot. The definition of a great shot is unique as the celebration itself. I am not sure about you, but my level of celebration is directly correlated to how great the shot actually was and where the celebration takes place. Make no mistake, I do celebrate or at least acknowledge a great shot almost every time.

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Lucky Shot or Just Plain Skill

With the amount of golf I play, the odds must be in my favour that I will hit a great shot from time to time. Additionally, I spent a fair bit of time practicing my short game with the intent of lowering my golf scores. I have successfully improved my short game, but I still need to stay focused on my goal of being even a better player. Fortunately, there was a shot during my last round that greatly increased my passion for staying the course!

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The Thrill of Holing Out From the Fairway

Yesterday, my quest to ask an interesting question on my social media sites went crazy. I like to interact with other golfers and see what they think on a plethora of issues. Surprisingly, I received almost ten times the normal responses and as a result had a hard time responding to everyone. As the day unfolded, it became apparent that I found a topic that many are passion about; myself included.

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