Celebrating A Great Golf Shot

There is no correct way to celebrate a great golf shot. The definition of a great shot is unique as the celebration itself. I am not sure about you, but my level of celebration is directly correlated to how great the shot actually was and where the celebration takes place. Make no mistake, I do celebrate or at least acknowledge a great shot almost every time.

When making a great putt (usually for birdie or eagle) my celebration consists of a smile and fist pump. I might give the odd whoop, but I generally keep my celebration to a minimum because hopping or running around will cause unnecessary damage to the green.

When off the green and holing out from the fairway, I am more animated and you might even see some light under my shoes. I definitely smile, whoop and possibly give a few high fives.

Making a hole in one is definitely a cause for celebration. After getting over the initial shock of sinking my shot, I definitely celebrate. I ran around a bit on two of them, several high fives, and I relished in the moments of elation. Obviously, I was the most animated for these precious shots.

I have hit the pin, stuck the ball very very close and holed out from a bunker. These great shots do elicit some response, but most a small and a swagger as I go to my ball. Regardless, I do demonstrate some emotion. Maybe not as cool as Miguel Angel Jimenez…..

Celebrating a great golf shot is all part of the excitement of playing. How and where you celebrate is completely up to you. I know there are some times when a subdued celebration is required, but who wants to think about those, right?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating A Great Golf Shot

  1. On number 8 today I came within an inch of driving the green. I was in shock. In the two years I’ve lived here I’ve never been closer than 15 yards from the hole and that’s well over 400 rounds (how about that) many playing two balls. So you can believe that I surely wanted to celebrate that swing. I don’t really know how long the hole really is. The card says 332. It’s one I think might be at least close to correct as I’ve played it with 3 iron from the tee often enough and hit soft 9’s or pitching wedges in from there. Today that ball tracked directly at the flag. But there were people on that green that I likely gave a bit of a fright too as my ball stopped more or less right between them though a couple feet short as they were actually on the green. So my celebration was a little hampered by worry too. I don’t like hitting anywhere near others. But they took it well when I apologized. I really didn’t even think at all I could reach. I did have a good wind at my back but I’ve had them often enough too so it must have been the ten push ups I did last week catching up with me or the chocolate donut I had for breakfast kickin in. 😂

    I’ve made lots of minor swing changes adapting to the new driver. I followed that drive on 8 up with really nice drives straight on my target line though shorter because the next two were into the wind on 11 and 12. I’ve changed the loft to 11.5 yet I’m seeing trajectories about half the height of my old driver. Trajectories that bore through the wind and come down running but not so low that they don’t take advantage of the push the breeze gives. It’s about as optimal as it gets for my swing speed and I’m really starting to like it. And hitting that green today is the biggest kick I’ve had in a long time. I think it was what about 6 years ago now that I took a lesson and ended up getting better but loosing distance with my driver. I spent 6 years solving that little by little with the old driver but never quite getting there. Then it broke. And today’s longest drive is proof that every bit of that lost distance is back or at least can be when I get it right. And have a downwind breeze and a slight down slope landing zone. 🤔 But that’s good enough for me. I needed that before to hit one near that far. I hit 260 into the same breeze on 12 and that’s workable. I only made it 240 on 11 but I landed in the upslope of the raised green and plugged or I’m sure that one was heading for the hole. On a hot day into a 2 club wind, those 2 drives and the downwind monster are more than good enough for me to start thinking I’m back baby. 😂

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    • Kevin,

      It sounds like your long game is definitely on the uptake. As far as almost driving the green, a one of shot happens from time to time. I am sure when the people on the green realized you were on the tee, they did not give it a second thought…..I would not. You adventures with your new driver sound fun and I wish you continued success.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim: Celebrating a good shot is a great thing. I have had my fair share of great shots. At my age now the best that I really hope for is to see the smiles on others players faces as they get to make the great shots. I truly feel blessed that I found the game of golf. The game has brought immense satisfaction to me.As I watch the newer players make the golf shots. I do take satisfaction when I score well. At my age I am on the downside of my golfing. I to still like to make the occasional great shot and like you I can really let myself go sometimes.

    I still try to score the best that I can. I still try to make the great shots. I will not back off trying to play the best that I can. When I don’t p lay up to my potential
    I have the satisfaction to know that maybe tomorrow will be a better day. All I can say, Golf is a great game. It can be fun and sometimes frustrating. It has brought humility and satisfaction in my life,as well as a don’t back down attitude.


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    • Mike,

      You said a mouthful there. Golf is a great game and each time we tee it up we have the opportunity to do something special. I to enjoy watching the successes of other players. It is all about enjoying everything golf has to offer.

      Cheers Jim


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