The Perfect Putting Tip That Will Save You Stokes

There are about 504,000,000 putting tips on the internet. How do I know this, well I used google so it has to be completely true……right> 🙂 All joking aside, there are so many putting tips out there that I could not even describe the depth and berth of areas they cover. I have tried a bunch (number actually unknown) and some have helped. Others did not fit my putting game and had to be discarded. But, through all of my efforts to improve my short game I did find one putting tip that was a sure fire winner. It is something I always do and feel it is the primary reason for my success on the green.

My tip for great putting is simple, easy, and repeatable. I discovered through trial and error when trying to make center contact on my putter head.

The tip is this: I keep my head still, focused on the contact point, for a count of one after contact. By pausing for that one moment, the rest of my putting mechanics follows in smooth controlled manner. The act of keeping my head still for a moment changed many aspects of my putting stroke.

I was able to hit the center of the putter more often; my ball tracks my aim point easier; my follow through is on line to my aim point; my back 6 forward 12 putting motion is effortless; and my control on distance became honed.

I realize that this seems like a great deal of success stemming from such a simple tip, but I am certain that it holds that much power. Counting to one and focusing on the contact point is my one golden tip that I do always. When I am in the zone, I putt very well and generally no more that two putt during the entire round. This tip improved my putting game and ultimately lowered my golf score.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Putting Tip That Will Save You Stokes

  1. I only use the 6 back 12 forward type of putt for very short putts where I want to be especially firm with the stroke. I don’t feel comfortable trying to get the fine speed control I’d like with that swing pattern when I feel the need for more nuanced control though. I’d say what I use is more of a 6 back 7 forward. Or 12b 13f. You get the idea. A little more on the metronomic side with a little added care about being sure to follow through. That’s where I find the sweet spot. Being sure to follow through leads to a more confident putt. So I find it super important too.

    That said, I’d say Tiger uses a stroke more similar to yours so you can’t go wrong with it. It’s just not what puts me in my comfort zone. I do practice it though. Have ever since I realized Tiger was doing it. And I miss a lot less short putts with that stroke.

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    • Kevin,

      Your point of finding the comfort zone when putting is very important. Most tips are designed to educate and help golfers find what works best for them. It is just a matter of practice and focus.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, great tip. Nothing ever happens bad from keeping your head still. You can often find tips that are 100% in opposition to each other but I have never seen a tip advocating to move your head while putting.



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    • Brian,

      I agree. Keeping our head still is key. Unfortunately many beginners (and some experienced players) want to watch the ball roll the entire way and get a head of contact. Thus causing mishits and poor alignment. It tip is simple, yet a must do to be a solid putter.

      Cheers Jim

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