Best Shot Of The Year

Have you ever taken the time to ponder about your golf season. As mine has ended, I like to take the time to think of the high points of my season and one great shot (actually several happened, but I had to choose) sticks in my mind. Many people will think of their longest drive or craziest putt as their best shot. Or they think about their luckiest shot as their best, however none of those qualify for my best shot of the year. Mine is rooted in intent and results that impacted on my score.

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Can You Tell If You Made A Great Golf Shot?

The most obvious tell of a great golf shot is the results. It is a tangle but metric that every golfer can identify. I would challenge aspiring golfers to open their focus, remove the blinders, and be open to other methods of what constitutes a great golf shot. It might will challenge some paradigms, yet it is worth exploring if we want to gain a deeper appreciation of our golf game. The challenge for many is the ‘how’ of noticing a great golf shot when the end results does not scream in our ears.

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Celebrating A Great Golf Shot

There is no correct way to celebrate a great golf shot. The definition of a great shot is unique as the celebration itself. I am not sure about you, but my level of celebration is directly correlated to how great the shot actually was and where the celebration takes place. Make no mistake, I do celebrate or at least acknowledge a great shot almost every time.

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