Reacting To A Fantastic Golf Shot

I am fairly confident that if you have shown any interest in the WM Phoenix Open on the weekend, you would have watched the hole in one by Sam Ryder. It was a fantastic shot the resulted in an enthusiastic response from the fans. If you have not seek it, take a look:

The reaction from the crowd garnered some positive and negative comments across social media. I watched live on TV and was amazed at the craziness that ensued. The amount of debris (looked like beer containers) thrown on the par 3, 16th hole was a bit over the top for many. Personally, I think the response from the fans was exactly what the organizers and media outlets expected.

The stadium hole is designed to provide an atmosphere of excess. There is little doubt that the organizers want the fans to be interactive with the players. And littering the hole with beverage containers was expected. Why expected you might say? Well, there were about 30 people (likely volunteers) clearing away the litter once the fans quieted down after a minute of so. Yes, there was a delay in play what the antics the many unfolded, but again I will suggest that the organizers planned for this type of response.

Personally, I am not fussed by the over-the-top reaction of the fans. The 16th hole at the Phoenix Open is designed as a venue like no other in golf. It is designed to allow the fans to be interactive with the players. Every player understands what happens when you play the 16th hole and as such should be prepared to be booed, cheered or experience an over-the-top response to a hole in one. I would not support other venues like the 16th hole at the WM Phoenix Open, but I do for this one event for professional golf.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


Celebrating A Great Golf Shot

There is no correct way to celebrate a great golf shot. The definition of a great shot is unique as the celebration itself. I am not sure about you, but my level of celebration is directly correlated to how great the shot actually was and where the celebration takes place. Make no mistake, I do celebrate or at least acknowledge a great shot almost every time.

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What Club Would You Use?

I was watching Chella Choi hit a hole in one on the 12th hole at US Women’s Open during the third round. It was a shot over water and she was using an orange ball that tracked into the hole after landing at the front of the green. It was a great shot and the third of the tournament. The question I have is what club did Choi use?

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So Close And Yet So Far From A Par 4 Hole In One

I have heard stories about players driving the ball to the green on a par 4. I know Kevin, who plays in Florida has talked about such opportunities, but I have never driven the green on a par 4. I know of a friend who shot a hole in one about 20 years ago on a par 4, but I still find it difficult to comprehend….until now!

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The Perfect Par 3 Distance

I do not know of any golfer that hates to play par 3s. Well, that is until they arrive at the hole and realize that the distance they need to hit is not within their wheelhouse. Then, their elation of stepping up to the tee turns to dread, but does it have to always be that way? Regardless of the situation, every golfer has a perfect distance for their game on the shortest holes on the golf course. It is just matter of knowing what that is to improve our golf scores.

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