Now This Is Why We Love Golf

Golf is a crazy game. If you have played this wonderful sport for any length of time, you will have experienced roller coaster action that sets your head in a tail spin. Alex Noren, at the 17 hole at Hero World Challenge, proved that professional golfers are subject to the same fate as amateurs. Continue reading


Golf Has Magical Powers of Healing

A short while ago, I wrote a segment on if you had shot or had witnessed a hole in one. It garnered some great stories about how, where, and when players made their miraculous shot. Some have several, while most still search. My Mom had four holes-in-one. This response just came in and it is from a dear friend of my Mom. Mom left us in 2011, but her passion for golf stills drives me to excel at this wonderful game. Continue reading

Witnessing A Hole in One

Golfers always talk about their own holes in one. It is generally a positive topic of conversation especially if you have one and can recount your amazing feat. However, the question I rarely hear asked is how many holes-in-one have you seen. Discounting TV of course, this question is a tough one for most players. I would suspect that very few players have actually saw a hole in one outside of their own.  Continue reading

It is Never to Late for a Hole-in-One!

Atypical for the Grateful Golfer, I have not written for a while. With all going on in my life, I was less than motivated to write something. Well that changed tonight when I was checking my comments and Kevin (an avid reader and supporter of the Grateful Golfer) sent me something that brought back the writing juices and an interest in writing about golf. Thanks Kevin, I appreciate the support. So, keep reading and I hope this article brings a smile to your face! Continue reading