The Perfect Par 3 Distance

I do not know of any golfer that hates to play par 3s. Well, that is until they arrive at the hole and realize that the distance they need to hit is not within their wheelhouse. Then, their elation of stepping up to the tee turns to dread, but does it have to always be that way? Regardless of the situation, every golfer has a perfect distance for their game on the shortest holes on the golf course. It is just matter of knowing what that is to improve our golf scores.

One would think that the short shot the better. However, that is not the case when I asked The Grateful Golfers. The obvious choice, in my mind, was between 126 and 150 yards. This proved to be right, but I was surprised to see so many respondents answer to 151+ yards. That seems quite far, but not for their game.

And my above statement is the point of this article. There is no one perfect distance for a par 3, except for the one that fits your game.

I have had 3 holes in one at distances of 145, 179, and 211 yards. I used an 8 iron, 4 iron, and 3 hybrid respectively. So, it is hard to say what is my perfect distance. However, if I was answering this question, I would say 150 yards. That is a smooth 7 iron for me and the one club that would offers the best chance at birdie or another hole in one.

What is your perfect distance for par 3s?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Par 3 Distance

  1. Hi JIm,
    my hole in one was from 140 yards to the center, so I guess that has to be my favorite distance. But the hole in question, the par three 14th at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, the biggest factor is which way is
    the wind blowing. I have used a wedge downwind, and a three wood into it. The green is also pretty long, around 170 to the back. The front is guarded by a small, but deep bunker, which really gets your attention.

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  2. Jim, anything under 130 yards, I will take dead aim regardless of where the flagstick is at. I’d say 115 would be optimal which would be a stock pitching wedge and most comfortable.
    Any idea when your courses will open up?


  3. Well, my one hole in one was at 181 so I’ll say…..get ready……125. 😂 Really, as long as I’m hitting a 5 iron or less, I’m good to go. Anything over that and the misses when they occur get bigger than I’d like.
    My last home course had a par 3 that people loved to complain about. I just couldn’t see the issue. It was only about 115 yards when played from the very back and it generally played more like 90 or so. It was super simple though the tee box was shrouded so you couldn’t feel the breeze and the green was raised a couple feet so you had to be sure and not test the edges if you wanted a birdie putt. But it was a big green for such a short hole. A very simple par and a good birdie chance most days. But lots of people really hated that hole. I guess when it looks too easy and you miss too often, it gets embarrassing maybe? That’s the only thing I could ever come up with for their hatred of that hole.

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