Where to Purchase Your Golf Canada Membership

Are you a member of Golf Canada? If you are not a member of Golf Canada my only question to you is “Why Not?” I first became a member back in 2006 and have not looked back. For a small membership fee I gain several rewards that have offset the minor cost of my yearly membership. The most obvious result was the return of two golf clubs because of the “find me stickers” I applied to each shaft. This alone has paid for 10 years of memberships, so I ask you again, Are you a member of Golf Canada? If not, Why?

There is multiple benefit s of being a member of Golf Canada. I recommend that you head over to your provincial golf association membership website for all the details. In my case it would be Ontario. Here is a quick overview of the big benefits for a small membership fee (49.95 + tax):

  • Damage insurance to clubs
  • Discounts when purchasing non-golf stuff
  • Club retrieval
  • Official Handicap Index
  • A Gift
  • Rules Education and Immediate Answers
  • Members Only Publication
  • Provincial Golf Association benefits

But wait! Before you head over to your provincial golf association there is another way to join the golf team. Head over to your local golf course and talk to your local professional or general manager. Apparently, they offer the opportunity for golfers to join Golf Canada / Golf Association of Ontario (GAO), but at a discount (37.50 + tax).

So, that is exactly what I did! I talked to Jeff Rogerson, General Manager, at Osprey Links Golf Course and he said that I needed to be a member of Osprey Links first.  Then by joining through my local golf club I am eligible for the cheaper rate. Additionally, if enough golfers join through Osprey Links, the golf club gains a benefit from Golf Canada and the GAO and that is a good thing for every Osprey Links member. So, for the first time I joined Golf Canada / GAO through my local club at the discounted price and will continue to do so in the future.

I ask you again: Where to you purchase your Golf Canada Membership? If it is not through your local golf course where you are a member, then you are missing out on a discounted benefit that all golfers should consider.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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