Becoming a Golf Canada Member

Becoming a Golf Canada Member is a no-brainer. I believe in taking an active role in supporting the growth of the sport I love. Of course my golf blog helps, but so does joining the organization whose sole purpose is to ‘grow the game’. I talked to many of my friends and they seem to be bench-sitting because they are unaware of all the benefits this membership offers. Well, go no further because you are about to be convinced that belonging to Golf Canada has an immediate benefit to you and to the future of golf.

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Golf Rule Number 11 – Teeing Ground

Knowing and understanding the rules of golf is important. As I work through my Golf Canada Level 11 officials course, Rule 11 caught my attention and I wanted to revisit it. The infographic below sums up most of the pertinent information, but there were a couple of other instances that caught my eye when reading the rules material. So, let’s get started! Continue reading

Learning the Rules of Golf

I have decided to become a golf rules official. I figure after all these years of learning and reading about golf, this is the next step in my education. Currently, I would assess my knowledge as better than the average, however I feel I am lacking in knowledge somehow. So, in 2018, I have decided to achieve the Level 2 Rules Official from Golf Canada. Continue reading

Golf Canada and The World Handicap System

Yesterday, I posted an update on the World Handicap System (WHS). As stated, I sent an email to Golf Canada for an update on their involvement in the development of this potentially beneficial method of equalizing golf world-wide. I received an answer today.

I want to thank Craig Loughry, Director, Handicap and Course Rating, for the quick response. I will continue to follow this theme in future articles, but for now, here is their response. Continue reading