With a goal of improving Canadian golfers’ overall enjoyment of the game, the Canadian PGA and Golf Canada support the TEE IT FORWARD initiative.

“TEE IT FORWARD is aimed at helping golfers have the best possible experience on the golf course by playing from a set of tees best suited to their abilities. The initiative encourages all golfers to play the course at a length that is aligned with their average driving distance.” (Golf Canada)

Driver Distance Recommended Yardages to play:

  • 275 yards 6,700 – 6,900 yards
  • 250 yards 6,200 – 6,400 yards
  • 225 yards 5,800 – 6,000 yards
  • 200 yards 5,200 – 5,400 yards
  • 175 yards 4,400 – 4,600 yards
  • 150 yards 3,500 – 3,700 yards
  • 125 yards 2,800 – 3,000 yards
  • 100 yards 2,100 – 2,300 yards

This not just a Canadian initiative, the PGA and USGA are supporting partners as well.  “When you TEE IT FORWARD, you hit more lofted irons into greens, putt for birdies and pars more often and play faster and score better!  Many amateurs are regularly hitting approach shots on a par-4 hole from 185 to 205 yards. The fact is, most bogey golfers only hit approach shots generally with any accuracy from within 170 yards. When you TEE IT FORWARD, you have the potential to hit approach shots from 145 to 165 yards.”

TEE IT FORWARD received great feedback in 2012 from golfers nationwide (USA) who reported:

  • 56 percent of those who used TEE IT FORWARD played faster
  • 56 percent indicated they are more likely to play golf more often
  • 83 percent hit more lofted clubs into greens
  • 85 percent had more fun
  • 93 percent continue to TEE IT FORWARD

Coming Through!

The TEE IT FORWARD program is great for golf and last nights round is a perfect reason.  My friend and I were playing behind a twosome of women, who in turn were playing behind a threesome of men.  The threesome of men were very slow.  So slow that the women played two balls each and were still waited on every hole.  The men in front had several holes open in front of them and would not let the women play through.  The most frustrating aspect of this entire ordeal is that the two of the men rarely hit the ball further than 150 yards!  In stead of playing from the whites, they should have moved up to the golds.  It makes a difference of about 30-50 yards a hole.  It would definitely have sped up play.  For those who may be asking, we did join the women and still had to wait!

TEE IT FORWARD is a great program for golf!  It will definitely improve the pace of play and the enjoyment for those on the course.  I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “TEE IT FORWARD

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  3. I totally agree Jim. I play my course from the tees on my course that are 6200 yards. Not sure what my average drive is, but probably around 250 or so. Slow play drives me crazy whether it is set up routine, playing from the wrong tees, or endlessly searching for lost balls. My course is pretty good, there is a marshall present during busy times and I find most groups move along at a good pace.


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  5. Oh, that’s just brutal! I agree completely with Tee it Forward. Jim, I’m going to reblog this and later this evening I want to post a companion piece to this that addresses some things the PGA/LPGA Professionals can do to push this initiative forward and gain more acceptance of the philosophy of it. Golf is changing, our mindset as players and Professionals needs to change with it. Great piece of info. Do you serve on any Canadian National boards for golf? Work with the Canadian Golf Association of CPGA? I think you would be a tremendous asset to those organizations!


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