Does Golf Need To Change To Address Our Evolving World

Many of golf’s traditions are rooted in historical norms of society. Many older traditionalists cling to ideas rooted in gender biases that just don’t fit the evolving world. Although much has happened to drag our views of golf into the 21st century, there are still some hold out ideals that need to change. The inspiration for my article today is rooted in a CBC news article that outlines a gender disparity regarding the number of holes played during a competition of young men and women of the same age group.

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Stepping Back to the Tips in Golf

Many amateurs fear moving to the back tees because of the added distance to every tee and approach shot. Personally, I am not fussed about this aspect of the challenge and relish the opportunity to put stress on my game. So, a few days ago I stepped back to the tips at Osprey Links Golf Course to practice playing longer distances. Unfortunately, my experiment did not go as planned, but it was great fun regardless.

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Picking The Right Tees To Have Fun At A Golf Course

I have to say that I was quite surprised by the thought process that lead to this post. I thought I had found the perfect lead in with yesterday’s article on Course and Slope Rating. I figured that these two stats would be the driving factor for most golfers when selecting the tees to play at a new golf course. I could not be so far off base, but thanks to the many Grateful Golfers who responded my Twitter poll, I was set me straight!

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Fixing Slow Play in Golf

Slow play is a challenge for courses that seems to not go away! It is frustrating for most players who have expectations of finish by a certain time to get home to watch Brooke Henderson or Rickie Fowler win their first Major! Slow play will not go away if we continue to approach golf in the same way.

As Albert Einstein once said: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results!

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Golf Initiatives That Improve The Sport

Smiling golf BallPlaying golf is for everyone!  Golf has the unique ability to bring together people from all walks of life and make them equal.  Everyone has access to the same clubs, attire, balls, and accouterments.  Everyone has access to the same training videos, local pros for lessons, being self-taught and places to practice our skills.  The golf industry entices people to play golf and to actually enjoy the game.  As part of their efforts, the various golf associations have started various initiatives for the good of the game.

“Data collected by the World Golf Foundation indicates there are 27 million people who have an interest in wanting to play golf, but don’t play the game,” Bob Barrett, CEO of Honours Golf said. “Imagine if we could get just 10 percent of those people playing the game?”(

TEE IT FORWARD helps players identify their limitations and speed up play.  Something that makes the golf fun for everyone.  Read TEE IT FORWARD for full details.

Offering playing opportunities to young children in the US is First Tee.  The First Tee‘s mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instil life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

Since 1997, The First Tee has introduced the game of golf and its positive values to more than 3.5 million young people in 50 states, four international locations and over 3,400 elementary schools.

What makes The First Tee effective in building positive character traits in young people is The First Tee Life Skills Experience™, a teaching curriculum developed by experts in the field of positive youth development and delivered by caring coaches. Through this experience, participants learn to transfer the positive values of golf to everyday life.

In addition to the parallel learning opportunities available for participants and coaches, The First Tee University provides formal training for Chapter management, staff, board members, and others. Training goals include assisting Chapter leaders in creating sustainable youth development organizations, and to enhance program quality and impact.

Participants learn to

  • Appreciate diversity
  • Introduce themselves
  • Manage emotions
  • Plan for the future
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Set step-by-step goals


  • Empower youth to make their own decisions by thinking about the consequences
  • Build rapport and establish positive relationships
  • Nurture golf and life skills development
  • Promote a fun learning environment

A some what similar United Kingdom initiative is Golf Foundation’s Grass Roots. The Foundation’s ‘HSBC Golf Roots’ programme in schools is gathering significant momentum in 2013, as 39 out of 46 County Local Organizing Committees have selected an HSBC Golf Roots competition for the current academic year as part of England’s School Games curriculum. This high proportion is second only to athletics, and ahead of traditional school sports such as football, cricket and netball.

An additional United Kingdom program is Get into golf.  “Golf is one of the best sports you can play to improve mental and physical well-being whatever your age, background or ability. Indeed, Golf’s powerful combination of stress-busting exercise, fresh air and camaraderie make it an excellent activity for promoting long-term heart health.  There is no better sport for bringing people together – whatever their age, gender, background or ability. With plenty of time for conversation and fun, golf is the perfect way to make new friends and grow closer bonds with people you already know.”

All the above initiatives, and many more, are really designed to make golf FUN! That is the bottom line.  These programs are structured and provide excellent ways to improve the game of golf for beginning duffers.  For those a bit more adventurous, Golf Digest suggests 18 less conventional ways to enjoy the game of golf.  Although they are not national initiatives, they do suggest ways to shake up the game to achieve the same result….having FUN!

Golf is fun.  It is an activity that allows anyone to escape reality by playing a game that empowers the player to determine the result of their time on the links. Regardless of what the golf industry lauds, golf is fun!  Golf is a sport that offers opportunities abound and I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!