It is Like Pulling Teeth on The Golf Course

There are times when I hit the course and find myself less than grateful. I am all psyched to be there, then suddenly our smooth comfortable pace comes to a screaming halt. We are behind a group who seems to not be aware of their surroundings and ignores that we are waiting on every shot. I feel like I am in a dentist chair! This situation happens often on my course because we are fast players and many are not. But, this is not the whole story!

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Ready Golf and Marking Your Golf Ball

Ready golf is a huge topic and continues to garner attention around the world. The governing bodies are trying to speed up play to attract new and younger players to the links. I think this is an admiral goal and see some changes that will help reach their objective. But, there comes a time where ready golf changes the pace of play so much that players cannot attain a groove or tempo to their game. And marking their ball on the green is a perfect example.

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Does Pace of Play Really Affect Your Golf Score

Just about anything can cause a delay on the golf course.

Every golfer has a pace of play that suits their game. I know that much talk has indicated that the professionals are to blame for amateurs taking their sweet time on the links, but I am not entirely convinced that this is the case. Without getting into a huge discussion, today, the complaints about slow professionals is purely economical and has nothing to do with everyday golf.

Having said this, I actually do not believe that changing a players pace of play actually hurts their game…..within reason of course!

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Are You a Golf Snob?

This question, “Are you a golf snob?” is making you think right now. Being called a golf snob is not good for our ego, but I think we can handle it! There are many types of golf snobs, but I have narrowed it down to four with the help of OOBGolf. I have modified some of their categories, but the real inspiration for this article came from a question I asked on twitter yesterday. (if you have a Twitter account don’t forget to vote)

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