Pace of Play by #GolfChat Authors

As mentioned previously, #GolfChat Authors produced some great articles on Pace of Play. These are not your usual complaints about being stuck on the golf course longer than expected. They cover various views about the Pace of Play that I think you will find very interesting.

Whether you think Pace of Play is fixable or not, the following articles will provide differing opinions that might help change your view about how to improve our favourite game!

Cassie Norris: Pace of Play Is No Big Deal – I imagine heads have exploded, desks have been flipped, iPhones have been shattered against walls…but here I am, still disagreeing with you……

Jeremy White: Slow Play is Golf’s Scapegoat – Why is everyone blaming slow play for golf’s problems? Journalists, authors, bloggers, TV commentators, the industry…, there are plenty of vocal proponents who say pace of play is the primary reason for golf’s declining participation. It’s the obvious target.

Pete Flanigan: Tees a Crowd – See that picture above? That picture was taken by me in a fivesome waiting for a threesome of golfers to start playing a hole with a foursome just up the way. It also seems an airplane was trying to play the hole as well.

John Retzer: The Whole Six Thousand Yards – To understand why golf takes so long to play (and, not coincidentally, why scores are so high), look no further than the tee box.

Tony Dear: AimPointing the Finger – For the love of God, hurry up will you! Spieth also takes forever to prepare for a shot and line up putts. So guess what people who watch him on TV do next time they play…copy him, of course, right down to the last waggle. And it’s the same with a host of other PGA Tour stars.

Todd Marsh: Golf’s Insanity Principle – Abolishing slow play is everyone’s responsibility, this includes golfers, course owners, professional golf organizations, and membership committees, maybe even the media should have some responsibility to at least add social pressure to those that play slow.

There you have it; 6 differing views on fixing Pace of Play. Any other suggestions?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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