Pick Your Scramble Position

Playing in a 4 person scramble is always fun. It offers an opportunity to maximize your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Personally, I find that each player playing their preferred position is more beneficial than someone telling them where to play. Picking your position fosters confidence in your game and helps the team succeed in the future.

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Which Golf Club Can You Live Without?

I carry 14 golf clubs; each has a specific purpose and sometimes I do not play a specific club for a round or two. However, when I need it, it is there. Over the years, I have honed my club selection and really could not part with one of these tools. Having said that, I did pose the question of which club you could live without on #GOLFCHAT on Tuesday and I was surprised with the answers.

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Tiger Woods Caught Cheating – Do Not Judge Too Soon!

With all the different news going on in golf, it is easy to point fingers. I for one, try to avoid being judgmental because the “glass house” adage always comes to mind. But when one of the greatest golfers of all time breaks the rules with no concern for the rules or consequences, the I have to comment!

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The Best Golfing Training Aids from #GolfChat

#GolfChat is the fastest hour in golf! Every Tuesday evening at 8 pm EST, we congregate on Twitter to discuss golf. There is no specific topic, but to guide the conversation a series of six are posed by the readers prior to starting. It is great fun and a wonderful way to pass time during our 5 month lay off from golf. Well, I posed a question last week about the best training aids used by the golfchatters and the response was amazing! Continue reading