The Best Golfing Training Aids from #GolfChat

#GolfChat is the fastest hour in golf! Every Tuesday evening at 8 pm EST, we congregate on Twitter to discuss golf. There is no specific topic, but to guide the conversation a series of six are posed by the readers prior to starting. It is great fun and a wonderful way to pass time during our 5 month lay off from golf. Well, I posed a question last week about the best training aids used by the golfchatters and the response was amazing!

I specifically asked this diverse group of duffers because I knew I would receive their honest opinion on specific training aids. As it turned out, I received way more than expected and decided it was a great idea to share their responses with The Grateful Golfer community.

Before we start, it is important to note that the following information is for your use only and not as an endorsement by myself or The Grateful Golfer blog for any of the training aids, techniques, or suggestions. All my comments or thoughts will place them in italics.

In no particular order:

  • See a golf professional. This makes absolute sense. I have only had one lesson in the past and have committed to taking three this spring. It is time to get professional help!
  • Read Dr. Jan Parent – Zen Golf. And anything by Bob Rotella. The mental aspect of golf is underrated in my opinion. Most amateurs do not understand the power of a strong mental attitude and as such neglect this part of their training. I have read a couple of Rotella books years ago, but not anything by Parent.
  • Use alignment sticks. I use alignment sticks all the time. They are invaluable, but there is a technique to using them. Some Youtube videos will help show you the best way to take advantage of them.
  • Jack Nicklaus video “Golf My Way”. I have never watched it.
  • The Orange Whip. The contributor said it helps through the winter with conditioning and training their follow through all the way. It is on my Christmas list.
  • The Orange Peel. To help with weight distribution. It is on my Christmas list as well.
  • Swingyde. Swingyde is a lightweight golf training aid designed to create the correct golf swing positions. I have never used one.
  • Randy Myers Golf Stretching Pole. This is a real thing and can be carried while playing. I have never used it.
  • Place a towel under your arms when swinging. I have used this technique before and it works. I found it a bit distracting, but I got used to it. YouTube will be able to show the proper techniques to using this training aid I am sure.
  • Simple paper coffee cup placed behind the ball to encourage that inside to out swing. This one has me a bit baffled and I am not sure how it works. If anyone knows, please let me know.
  • Tour Striker Smart Ball and original Tour Striker 5 iron. The Tour Striker Smart Ball will help you understand how the arms and body work during an effective golf swing. (from website). I have never used one.
  • Swing link. It is a strap that connects your upper arms together to promote proper swing sequence and follow through. I have never used one.
  • @LiveViewGolf. Digital Swing Mirror technology, automatically records swing with auto reply, saves templates and draw lines. Allows me to share swing vids with my golf coach. I have never used.
  • Impact Snap. It helps with how your hands work through the golf swing. I have never used.
  • Virtual Pro and Golf Pad GPS apps. I have never used.

This is quite an extensive list. If anything catches your eye, researching them is quite easy. Of course this is not an exhaustive list and there are plenty of other great golf training aids. If you wish me to add your recommendation to the list, just let me know. Happy training!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “The Best Golfing Training Aids from #GolfChat

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  2. This is an extensive list! One of the best training aids for me over the past year has been PuttOUT. I love that I can practice my putting anywhere and can see when I make a “perfect” putt. I find this especially great in the winter months!

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  3. For the coffee cup one, you could also just use a tall tee. The idea is to place it on a direct line to the target a couple inches behind the ball. If you hit the cup or tee, you didn’t swing from inside to out. Swinging too far inside to out can be bad too, but most of the video’s I’ve seen suggest starting off a bit exaggerated anyway.

    The spray can of foot powder I see didn’t make the list, but it works on matts in the same way the wet mat worked for you.

    I’ve used the towel and the alignment sticks, though I used an old driver shaft or two for that instead. One stuck in the ground to keep me from swaying back and one for alignment.

    My putting felt pitiful today after last week, but I did have a highpoint in the day. I hit the pin from the tee box on a short 250 yard par 4. The low point was three putting in after that from 25 feet. lol

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    • Kevin,

      Thanks for the training aids. I will add them to a list I am compiling. Too bad about the par 4, would have been a great eagle if your putting was on! I guess your excitement turned into a ho hum par!

      Cheers Jim


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