Now Is The Right Time To Fix Your Golf Game

If you ask every golfer, everyone one will tell you that they have something to fix or work on with respect to their golf game. Yup, I am confident is call this statement to 99.99% true. Personally, I have several areas that continually need fixing and I sometimes get in the trap of waiting for the “right time” to work on my game. Well, that time never happens and sometimes I end up doing nothing. Does that sound familiar?

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How Long Can You Hit Golf Balls When Practicing

Practicing our golf swing by hitting balls is fundamental to building a strong foundation. In very short time, I can pound out 25 or a 50 balls and still be able to play a round of golf. But, those balls (pre-round) are more of a warm up and not really designed to improve my game. When practicing, I take a more cerebral approach than just banging out golf balls.

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DIY Golf Chipping Area

As part of my ongoing preparation for the upcoming 2020 golf season, I finally set up my indoor chipping area. It really was not that hard because I had everything in place, but the slightly warmer temperatures make it better for practicing. So two days ago, I broke out the net and my sand wedge and went to work.

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Majority Of Golfers Start Their Warm Up With A….?

If you have 30 minutes to warm up and prepare for your round, what club do you start with to ensure you use this valuable time properly. Do you grab the big dog and let it eat? Or use the flat stick to refine your shoulder movements so you are ready to those pressure putts? Regardless of the club you use, the greatest number of players seem to be like minded and start their warm-up in the same manner. Unfortunately, I am not in the majority on this issue.

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Sinking the Final Putt for the Win

Recently, I asked if anyone had sunk their final putt to win a match. Surprisingly, it was an overwhelming yes! I have to admit that I was surprised, but given the demographic of my blog I should not have been. Regardless, it is an awesome feeling and one I have only experienced a few times over the many years I have played golf. Continue reading