Not Following Through With Your Golf Resolution

I purposely wait for some time before talking about our 2023 golf resolutions. The reason for my delay is to give everyone a chance to re-evaluate their golf resolutions because if they are like all my resolutions in the past, they are broken by now. 🙂 I do not make resolutions because I believe that taking steps to improve my daily life and golf game is a year long process that requires constant attention. Maybe attention is the wrong word and focus or intent. Making a statement of finality that requires immediate action seems like a great idea, but I have rarely been successful making resolutions; golf or otherwise. To take this one step further, I do not make golf resolutions, I make golf plans and try execute it as best possible.

I follow my proven 4 step process when making a golf plan. This year, my plan is going to focus on approach shots. This area of my game has been the weakest part of my game. I have tried to address this challenge in the past, but never really achieve the level of success I desire to significantly improve my game and lower my scores. So, I figure this year is the season to tackle this weakness again.

  • Idea: My idea is pretty well set. I am going to dedicate some time improving my approach shots. The metric I am going to use is hitting the green 50% of the time from 150 to 175 yards from the green. The percentage will go up the closer to the green and lower outside 175 yards. Regardless, the 50% target is my baseline.
  • Planning: This area of my plan still needs to be flushed out. I have looked for drills about improving my approach shots with not much success. Now that I have direction, I am hoping that I will find a technique that will work best for my game.
  • Execution: I will incorporate my training techniques on every shot. For now, this is my intent. Likely, this area will be improved or expanded as I delve into my plan.
  • Maintenance: I will revisit my drills throughout the year and apply them to my game.

I have the makings of a great golf season. I have an initial plan to move forward and I am inspired to see if I can improve my GIR percentage. I play best with direction and setting a plan instead of using resolutions. Resolutions have never worked for me because I rarely follow through with them. A plan, on the other hand, keeps my focused and accountable to improve my game.

Do you use plans or resolutions to make changes to your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Not Following Through With Your Golf Resolution

  1. Jim, I would suggest that if you’ve tried to tackle the GIR challenge in the past but failed, you should alter your plan up front and commit to working with an instructor. He/she can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. You are the wheat and the millions of drills and pieces of content on the internet and in books is the chaff.

    I know with your experience and eye for the game, you have the capability to self diagnose. But the assistance of a trusted instructor would give you a partner in the effort and help you focus in a way you may not have enjoyed in the past. You might identify a flaw and find a drill, but an instructor may go in a different direction because of his evaluation of you as a player, your full game, strengths and weaknesses, your age, etc. The most value he provides is an experienced second opinion on what you should be fixing and more importantly not fixing.

    When I signed up for lessons about five years ago, the most value I felt I received was the single-minded purpose of what I was trying to do. Makes things easier than the constant search.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!


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    • Brian,

      I have thought about taking lessons for years. I live at least 2.5 hours from a professional that gives lessons that will help. So, it is unlikely it would happen. This is the drawback of country living. I hope your game is going well.

      Cheers Jim

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