Self Analysis of My 2020 Golf Season

At the end of every year, I like to sit back, pour a libation and ponder about my previous season. This introspection allows me to develop areas of improvement in my swing, course management, and improving my golfing experience. The 2020 golf season was very unique, excluding COVID, because I tracked more stats than ever before. Thus I have some concrete data in which to base my 2021 plan. Additionally, my self analysis helps me understand if my previous plan worked and were I might improve my processes to attain my ultimate goal of being a scratch golfer.

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Staying With My Game Plan

The challenge when playing any round is sticking to my game plan. Over the years, many respondents on The Grateful Golfer use the ‘come what may’ approach to their round. I like a football team, generally have the shots for the first three holes laid out in my mind. Of course, this plan is flexible because I have to execute those shots, but I generally have a plan and try to stick to it.

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The Grateful Golfer’s Secret to Success

I wonder how many times over the years I have started something only to lose focus on my end goal; this is true on and off the golf course. Setting goals, however, seems to be the only way I find success on the golf course. I have discussed this many times over the past 7 years (wow 7 years of writing about golf), yet I have to remind myself that this process works for me. So, I thought I would revisit it as I enter the latter half of my 2019 golf season.

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Hitting the Links Today With No Plan in Place

I am hitting the course for the third time this year. My tee off is a bit later in the morning to allow for the temperature to rise. It is going to be a great time, but I do not have my usual plan in place before I tee it up. It is very early in the season and I am still evaluating my physical conditioning before I dive head first into a training plan. I have done this before, but I generally like to have some direction for each round that fits into a large scheme to improve.

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What Is My Next Move To Lower My Golf Scores

My main objective this year is to shoot every round under 80. With any luck I will shoot a few rounds in the 60s as well.  Of course, this is my ultimate goal and the reality of the matter is it likely will be tough to accomplish. But I figure there is no reason why I cannot set the goal and try to achieve it. It has worked in the past for other goals, so why not this one. 

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