Hitting the Links Today With No Plan in Place

I am hitting the course for the third time this year. My tee off is a bit later in the morning to allow for the temperature to rise. It is going to be a great time, but I do not have my usual plan in place before I tee it up. It is very early in the season and I am still evaluating my physical conditioning before I dive head first into a training plan. I have done this before, but I generally like to have some direction for each round that fits into a large scheme to improve.

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What Is My Next Move To Lower My Golf Scores

My main objective this year is to shoot every round under 80. With any luck I will shoot a few rounds in the 60s as well.  Of course, this is my ultimate goal and the reality of the matter is it likely will be tough to accomplish. But I figure there is no reason why I cannot set the goal and try to achieve it. It has worked in the past for other goals, so why not this one. 

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9 Things To Think About When Training For Golf

Training for golf is an ongoing process in my house. If I am not practicing or playing, then I am physically and mentally training. It is my passion and how I like to fill my time. Over the years, I have come to realize that increasing my knowledge of golf can happen when least expected. In today’s case, my inspiration for this article came from “8 Things You Should Do During Every Workout” by Zack Zeigler. (MSN) After reading the article, I quickly realized that the main topics apply to golf and make total sense for improving my game. Continue reading

Thinking About My Golf Plan

As Christmas approaches, it is becoming more difficult to find golf things to write about. It is usually about now I start thinking of a golf plan for next year. In 2016, I tried the go with a flow and yeah, that did not work at all. I have realized over the years, to be successful indeed to set specific goals. This approach works for my golf game, does it work for yours? Continue reading