9 Things To Think About When Training For Golf

Training for golf is an ongoing process in my house. If I am not practicing or playing, then I am physically and mentally training. It is my passion and how I like to fill my time. Over the years, I have come to realize that increasing my knowledge of golf can happen when least expected. In today’s case, my inspiration for this article came from “8 Things You Should Do During Every Workout” by Zack Zeigler. (MSN) After reading the article, I quickly realized that the main topics apply to golf and make total sense for improving my game. Continue reading

Thinking About My Golf Plan

As Christmas approaches, it is becoming more difficult to find golf things to write about. It is usually about now I start thinking of a golf plan for next year. In 2016, I tried the go with a flow and yeah, that did not work at all. I have realized over the years, to be successful indeed to set specific goals. This approach works for my golf game, does it work for yours? Continue reading

My 2017 Golf Season Report Card

My 2017 golf season had many ups and downs. I have a few highlights where I exceed expectations and a few low points I would like to forget. Before I go further into some of the details, I want to say up front that I am grateful for all the golf I played and I am looking forward to 2018 all ready. Continue reading

Do You Like to Golf?

This is a very simple question: Do you like to golf? I bet if you ask 10 people around your office or gathering of friends, you would receive a surprising large number of people who say no or make an excuse about why they do not golf. Yet, I bet if of the nay sayers,  a large portion of those have never touched a club or only hit the links once. They form an opinion on what they think versus a decision based on facts or experience. Continue reading

Playing Golf All Year Long

As many of you know, I play golf for about 7 months a year. I might be able to squeeze out 8 months in the area, but playing golf with gloves is not always a fun thing to do. Because my golf season is short, I have to pack in as much as I can in order to quench my passion for the game. However, I think that my short season does hurt my game in the long run! Continue reading