The Grateful Golfer’s Secret to Success

I wonder how many times over the years I have started something only to lose focus on my end goal; this is true on and off the golf course. Setting goals, however, seems to be the only way I find success on the golf course. I have discussed this many times over the past 7 years (wow 7 years of writing about golf), yet I have to remind myself that this process works for me. So, I thought I would revisit it as I enter the latter half of my 2019 golf season.

Over the years, I have developed a sustainable process that has proven to be very successful. It is not rocket science and I am sure this is a version of someone’s idea, yet it is simple for me and always works.

Here is the process I use to improve my golf game:

Set Goal – My first step is to develop a few goals and keep them as my end targets for improving. This year, my only goal was getting healthy and working on all the rusty parts of my game. The healthy part is working, I have knocked off the rust on my tee shots and now I am focused on improving my GIR stat. To accomplish this I follow this process:

Learn – Determine what new skill is needed to achieve your focused goals. Remember, it is suffice to say that learning a new skill takes time. If it is important enough, there cannot be a time limit. You will decide when you have learned the new skill and you can move onto the practice step.

Practice – the practice step is simple. You find drills (or make up your own) that reinforces your new skill. It is important to practice enough in order to make your new skill second nature. Additionally, practice helps refine your new skill to produce the results you expect.

Sustain – this step can be the most challenging. Sustaining a new skill means that you must use it all the time. With some skills, we see an up and down ride of scores, but that is to be expected. Of course during the sustain portion of my plan, revisiting the practice stage is important to keep reinforcing success.

Repeat – Once I have achieved my goal to an acceptable level (only you can decide this), I start the process all over again.

As you can see, my process is very simple. It helps me stay focused on my goals and that breeds success. I will caution you not to have too many goals at one time because it is difficult to focus on success if your attention is spread too thin.

I realize that you might be giving me the “Duh” comment because it sounds simple, but I would ask how many of you actually have a process to improve your golf game. For me, without a process I find very little success or at a minimum, it takes a long time to improve.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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