Tee It Up For Mattawa Healthcare – Recap

Yesterday I attended my favourite charity golf tournament in the area. Its primary goal is to raise funds for a small town in Northeastern Ontario called Mattawa. This is the second time I attended and as always I was completely impressed by the efforts of the organizers to make this a must attend event.

From the moment we arrived, we were treated like celebrities. They shuttled our clubs to our cart, provided a fast registration process, I received a swag bag, had a continental breakfast, and was greeted with nothing but smiles and laughter. Additionally, I was able to meet up with some old friends with plenty of time to catch up. What a fantastic way to start this tournament!

Pat, Rick, Blair and Jim – The Grateful Golfers

After a quick blurb about the rules, we headed to our designated hole for a shotgun start. Playing at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort for the 6th time this year, I joined my team of Blair, Rick and Pat who were excited to see if we could put up some low numbers. As it turned out we did with a minus 9 and finishing 7th overall. The golf was great, but really secondary to the fun we had all day!

You do not have to have the most expensive clubs to have a great time at Tee It Up For Mattawa Healthcare – Right Clint?

The golf itself was very good. We played a scramble format, but started very slow with 3 pars. However, we very quickly turned it on after that by shooting 10 under in 12 holes with no eagles. Unfortunately, we fell asleep at the wheel on the second to last hole and shot a bogey; dropping us to 9 under for the day. Interestingly, we played solid golf with nothing flashy. Everyone contributed at one time or another with a drive, chip or putt. The best shot of the day belonged to Rick as he won closest to the line on the 9th hole. The line was drawn down the center of the fairway and Rick was only a foot and a half left. Congrats Rick!

Throughout the day we ate like kings. A varied continental breakfast was followed up by wraps for lunch. At the end was a fantastic roast beef dinner, prizes and auctions.

The weather was suppose to be rainy, but last night something changed and we did not see any sign of rain at all. It was sunny and warm. Fantastic for playing a charity event.

Because the organizers flighted the scores, we (The Grateful Golfers) won 1st flight. We were thrilled to win a prize and walked away with some quality gifts. This was a boon for us and made the day more enjoyable. I mean, who does not like winning prizes!

Tee It Up For Mattawa Healthcare was a fantastic charity event. It is already on my list of must plays next year.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Tee It Up For Mattawa Healthcare – Recap

  1. That’s fantastic Jim. Congratulations. I’ve never been on the winning team in any of the tournaments I’ve played in though we thought once we might be in contention. We shot a 60 that day. Eagled 3 of the 4 par 5’s and no bogies at all. One of us managed to come through for the team on almost every hole. But we ended up 5th somehow with the winner recording a 54. I’m guessing they bought about a thousand dollars in mulligans and used them all to do it 😂.

    But I have won a couple of prizes over the years. I won long drive once thanks to a lucky bounce off a concrete yardage marker in the center of the fairway. And the office chair at my desk at home was a 600 dollar door prize at a tournament one of my clients asked me to join in on. So I can’t complain. I even came close to winning a car on a closet to the pin once too with a 4 iron to about 2 inches, but somebody actually holed out and got it. I laughed about that one. It was a 1 year lease on a Cadillac Catera. About the worse Cadillac in the history of the company so I remember joking about not winning it being the real prize. And that reminds me, I need to go play that course again. It’s a private club, but they allow us to play in the summer when it’s not too busy. It’s a great course on an island that is part of the farthest causeway to the beach in the south of the county and it’s surrounded by water from the Gulf of Mexico on all sides.

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