2-Man Scramble – Day Two

The final day went as expected. Blair and I needed a fast start and want to shoot between 6 and 8 under to have a chance at any of the prizes. Of course that was our goal going in and the challenge was to successfully execute that plan. We decided not to do anything significantly different except make a few more putts. At least it was a plan.

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A Charity Golf Tournament With Mulligans

I love playing in charity golf tournaments. They provide an atmosphere designed for the players to have fun and enjoy contributing to a worthy cause. To increase the contributions, many tournaments, like Tee It Up For Mattawa, allow players to purchase a mulligan to be used at their discretion. Without hesitation, I put my money down because who does not like a get out of jail free card on the golf course! The challenge is when to use this precious gift? Continue reading

Tee It Up For Mattawa Healthcare – Final Thoughts

I have written several articles on this fantastic local charity golf tournament. As you are aware, I was fortunate to participate in this growing tournament and I have to say that it was first-rate! The purpose of this event was to raise monies for the Mattawa Hospital and the new Algonquin Nursing Home (being built as we speak) and to that end, the entire day was very successful. The unofficial tally for all the efforts of the organizers was over $51,000. Almost doubling the previous year’s total.

Holding the Big Cheque!

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Golfing for Charity

Golf is a great sport to host a charity event. Participants receive a tangible something for the donation which usually includes meal and great prizes. The sold out charity golf tournament, Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare, starts today with a practice round and evening barbecue. On Wednesday, the actual day of the event, I can expect meals, prizes and a great time. In some cases, celebrities like Jeff Hutchinson, show up to lend their support for the charity; they add that extra something to the tournament. Keeping in mind that the tournament is to raise money for the charity, golf is still being played. Continue reading

Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare Charity Golf Tournament

Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare” charity golf tournament is on 23 August 2017. This is my first of four golf tournaments over the next three weeks and it starts on Tuesday, 22 August 2017, with a practice round at Mattawa Golf & Ski Resort.

My connection to this wonderful charity event stems from my darling Mother in Law, Beatrice. Bea is a fantastic person who now resides in the Algonquin Nursing Home. Her care is first-rate and the staff exceed all expectations. A big shout out to all the healthcare providers in Mattawa, you a doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

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