2-Man Scramble – Day Two

The final day went as expected. Blair and I needed a fast start and want to shoot between 6 and 8 under to have a chance at any of the prizes. Of course that was our goal going in and the challenge was to successfully execute that plan. We decided not to do anything significantly different except make a few more putts. At least it was a plan.

Yesterday we were paired with the 1st Flight leaders Dan and Kirby. This round would be a bit more serious because being only one stroke behind, 5 teams had a chance to win. Our strategy was to shoot 5 under and let the other teams catch us if they could. Our plan was a good one, but unfortunately our execution did not match our desire to play well.

Here are your thoughts about what we should have shot:

Jim, Dan and Kirby

Blair and I the ball very well off the tee on 16 of 18 holes. We had a reasonable opportunity of for our approach shots, but unfortunately, this is where our game lacked today. I am not entirely sure why we could not hit the postage stamp greens from 100 yards, but we struggled all day. To match this we still did not putt well when given the opportunity. The best shots we had all was my 300 yard drive and Blair’s 270 yard 3-wood. Other than that, we played very routinely and took advantage of nothing.

Kirby and Dan, on the other hand, played very well. Whenever they had a poor hole, they responded with a birdie. Both players could hit the ball well off the tee and seemed to compliment each other without fail. They played well on their approach shots seemingly to snatch victory out of defeat. However, their greatest asset was their putting. They made many 8 to 12 foot putts and that was the difference in the scores. They shot 2 under for the day, but could have easily been lower.

Kirby and Dan were great guys to play golf with. We laughed and enjoyed chatting about just about anything. We were both from the same area and traveled to play at this fun event. It was the first time that Blair and I played there, but it seems that this 2-Man Scramble is a staple event for many of the local players. Well, it is now for us.

Thanks to Mike and Brenda Martel, owner operators of Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort, for a fantastic time. The meal was fantastic (as always) and we enjoyed playing your 9 hole gem. Blair and I are looking forward playing again in August in the Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare charity event.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “2-Man Scramble – Day Two

  1. Maybe a trip or two up/down/over there before the next tournament to create your own green/slope diagrams will help next time. Playing against local knowledge is a handicap but there are solutions that can help even the odds. Having fun is key, but winning is best. Lol

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    • Kevin

      That is a great idea. We did play a practice round and had a fairly good idea how (at least what we thought) to play the course, but we just could not adapt quick enough. It is all good. We are going back in August for a Charity event. So we will be ready then.

      Cheers Jim


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