Playing Great Golf and Finishing Out Of The Prizes….Sort Of!

Golfing in tournaments can be great fun, especially if you finish in the prizes. I mean why compete if you are not really trying to take home some hardware; right? The Sportspal 2-day golf tournament ended yesterday and our team finished 5th in the first flight. Blair and I played very well, but could not seem to show it on the score card. It was unfortunate, but overall we were very happy with our game. Unfortunately, we as a team, did not finish in the prizes, but that does not mean that one of us walked away empty handed.

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How to Play Well In A Golf Tournament

Performing when the pressure is on can be challenging for many golfers (amateur or professional). There really is no magic formula…..or is there? I honestly believe that I have solved the challenges facing golfers when playing in a tournament. Unfortunately, the process to playing well starts long before we tee it up for the first hole. Yet, the first shot is still the most critical to start your event on the right foot!

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The Strategy For A Two Day Golf Tournament

Today is the first round of the 2-person SportsPal tournament at Osprey Links Golf Course. It is one of the biggest tournaments of the year and my friend Blair and I have entered. We have played in this event before and finished near the bottom of the Championship flight (and out of the prizes). This year we are hoping to improve on our standings and walk away with a bit of the prize purse.

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Volunteering is The Cornerstone to Strong Golf in Your Area

For years, I was a golfer who participated in many golf tournaments, but rarely volunteered to help out. Well, I have decided to change that and slowly increase my involvement in organizing local golf tournaments. I believe that it is time to give back and so it begins!

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Round Two of The Match Play Event Is In The Books

Osprey Links Golf Course runs two match play events each year. They happen simultaneously and the winner has receives a parking spot next to the club house. I have mentioned this event before as it represents our club championship. This year, I offered to organize the stroke and net events and it was open to all members of my home club.

These events run all summer and the players have 2 weeks to finish each leg of the competition. If you lose, you are out. At this time, won both matches in the second leg and I am on to the next stage. It is a fun event and will be finished by 15 September. Here are the details:

  • Start: 2 July 2019
  • End: When Final Match is Complete
  • 2 Events: Stoke Match Play and Net Match Play
  • Prize: A parking spot close to the Club House
  • Participants: Only open to members of Osprey Links Golf Course
  • Tournament Chair: Jim Burton
  • Rules Committee: Jim Burton and Jeff Rogerson

The net side had more players registered, 23 players, which was not surprising. However, the stroke side did manage to have 19 players sign up. This year, after discussion with previous organizers, I implemented the following handicap differential for the net side:

For Match Play bracket, your Official Golf Handicap will be used throughout each match. The higher handicap will receive the differential of 2/3 on the lowest handicap holes

The 2/3 differential allows for fluctuation of handicaps and a more equitable representation of how players are hitting the ball. I researched other club match play rules on line and this also seems to be the norm. I have received some positive feedback on this rule from two of the players. So far, it seems to be working and I expect to keep using it in the future.

The players make their own arrangements for their matches. If they do not complete their match in the allotted time, I will contact them as to why. If one player was completely unavailable, then they will forfeit the match. If both had challenges, I will find an equitable way to determine who moves on. A coin might be used, but I that has not be completely determined yet.

Personally, I have won both my matches (one in each event). I was given a by in both because of my ranking. My first match (as I described before) my competition encountered a hot putter and was out 6 and 5. The second match played yesterday was a little closer. It was a net match and Jerry fought me to the end. I did squeak out a win and now I am on to the next stage.

The match play events at Osprey Links are fun and we get a fair number of members playing. I am hoping that next year we can expand the field and that will be on me to advertise more. It is my first year of ‘getting involved’ and I will take my lessons learned from this year and expand them to improve the event. Besides, who does not want their name on placard close to the club house!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!