Playing Conditions are Important To Your Golf Score

Every golfer wants to perfect playing conditions when out on the links. I know I do! Of course I am smart enough to understand that this is not possible and try not focus on things I cannot control. Yet, I do have a preference for playing conditions and from the responses I received, so do you!

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Benjamin Franklin and Golf

Benjamin Franklin is one of the famous people in history. His resume is long and his inventions still provide the foundations of today’s society. But one quote in particular sums up all successful golfers. It is not profound if someone tells it to you, but when you see it in print, it really hits home. Continue reading

Is It Too Cold for Golf, Yet?

As the temperatures plummet, it time to decide how cold is too cold to hit the links. I generally try to extend my season as much as possible and this year is even more important. The funny thing about cold weather is that 7 degrees on separate days could result in me golfing on one day and staying home drinking coffee another. There are no set rules, but for me I have some guidelines I follow when it is cold. Continue reading

Men’s Night at Osprey Links Golf Course

I love playing in Men’s night. It is an opportunity to play some fun golf with absolutely no pressure. Last Wednesday, approximately 45 players(normally closer to 100 during mid-season) teed it up for a straight 4 man scramble. No special rules, nor were there any restrictions on putts or drives. It was a great game and to top things off, our regular crew was back together for the first time in 2018 with the exception of Jimmy D. He was an add on and fit in perfectly with Blair Rick and I. In case you are wondering, Men’s Night is more than just golf and here is why!

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Pressing Your Advantage In Match Play

Playing in golf tournaments is great fun. I like all kinds of formats, but the game that has the most strategy is Match Play. There is always an element of mind games that never goes away. Depending on the how many strokes I give away (I have only received 1 stroke in the past 10 years) sets the stage on how I play the round. But, one aspect of my strategy rarely changes, when to press my advantage. Continue reading