Honoured To Play In A Two Day Golf Event

On Tuesday and Wednesday last, I was invited to join an fantastic group of golfers who have connections to my new home town of Mattawa, Ontario, Canada. I met the organizer, Paul, a year before I moved to Mattawa and he invited me to join this annual trip to Pembroke, Ontario. This year 64 friends congregated at the Oaks of Cobden Golf Course and Pembroke Golf Course to share stories, remember the good ole days, have a few libations, and play golf. As this was my first year, I marveled at the camaraderie that in some cases goes back 60 years! It was a fantastic way to start off my golf season and I am already looking forward to next year’s event!

Although golf was the central theme of the two day event, I think it is important to recognize the winner. He played well in tough conditions and proved that distance with control is a very good skill to have.

The winning trophy!

My friend Mark wrote: “Couple of great days in Pembroke with the Mattawa Gang, playing golf and getting reacquainted with friends! We also commemorated a good friend who died tragically last year! Congratulations to Jacob Begin for having the best score over the two days and winning the championship trophy!”

This event was designed to gather all old friends together and help everyone stay in contact with the group. The golf was good and the three other guys in my group (Tom, Malcolm and Ed) were first timers as well. So, we had the opportunity to experience the amazingly fun golf event for the first time together.

Our first course was at the Oaks of Coben. It was a very nice track that favoured anyone who could hit the ball on the short grass. I found that position off the tee was very important and because of this course knowledge was critical. Ed and Malcolm offered some fantastic advice which made playing the Oaks easier. I was grateful for their advice because of the six blind shots off the tee. The Oaks was a fun course and when the grass grows in, it will be a great track to play.

Tom, Ed, and Malcolm in the back. The guy that needs a haircut is The Grateful Golfer!

Tom, Ed and Malcolm were great guys to be paired with for two days. Tom and Ed worked together for a long time so it was fun listening to them banter back and forth. Malcolm and I spent 30+ years each serving in the Canadian Military and discussed our many operations. As a group, we were all well matched.

The Pembroke Golf Club was a fun track as well. It was carved out of the woods and it reminded me of an old course I played regularly (Roundel Glen Golf Course). It also had a few blind shots, but our issues stemmed from the fact that we were out of position off the tee. It offered many different challenges with respect to approach shots and if I was to play this course again, I would hit more 3 woods off the tee. It is more of a shooters course and one that normally fits my game.

I am grateful that Paul asked me to join into this fun event. I met some great guys (Brothers Roly and Robert who I had supper with on Tuesday to name a few), heard some interesting stories, and played some fun golf. It was a great two days and I am looking forward to playing again next year.

Finally, I want to thank Paul and Jacques for organizing this event. Without these two dedicated golfers, none of this could have happened.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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