So You Think You Are A Great Putter!

Putting is the great equalizer. I know this because many of my scores were the result of great or poor putting. If you talk to any of your golfing friends, they will agree that the flat stick can change the fortunes of any round. Without taking detailed stats, it is a challenge to really understand how good (or poor) of a putter we actually are. Personally, I think and know that I am a better than average putter for my handicap, yet my confidence can be shaken with a couple of poor first putts. Knowing all of this, I have to remind myself to keep things in perspective before flying off the handle.

Before we start to beat ourselves up, I think that it is important to understand how the PGA Tour professionals fair up with their putters.

As an amateur, I can honestly say that my numbers drop off dramatically out side of four feet. I generally practice most of my putts under 10 feet because that is where I believe many of strokes in the past were lost. However, for players who are still building a foundation for their short game, I recommend moving your max practice distance in to six feet.

The reasoning for my recommendation is that most players will lag their longer putts or chipping inside six feet. Being able to confidently two putt our longer putts does wonders for our mental game and of course our scores.

It is hard to judge if we are putters; keeping detailed stats is one way, but I am confident that most of us will not take the effort to track the number of putts we make during a round. I have in the past and use the over / under point of 30 putts as my marker. It is important to remember that putting is only one, albeit critical, part of any golfers short game. But that is discussion for another day.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “So You Think You Are A Great Putter!

  1. BTW. I got to the range tonight. Still not getting the swing change down. Going to have to find another way around the issues I’m getting I think. On the positive front though, I did manage with the driver to hit alternating fades and draws with the driver tonight with no big fails.

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  2. Some days I think putting is a dark art and others I wonder what the big deal is. lol

    As for training if you’re a beginner. I think you’re correct that a 6 foot distance is one that will help hone directional control fairly quickly and accurately enough. But I would also want to advice the ladder drill for getting some distance control too.

    My issue last evening was speed control. I had it, I just had it wrong. All night. I missed everything from outside 15 feet short by inches and right in front of the hole. I rolled great putts and nothing wanted to go down because my speed was off and I never managed to adjust. I tried, but it never seemed to do a thing. They’ld still come up short. And the closer putts all missed on the high side. They all seemed to stick an edge over the hole but none caught it. The didn’t lip, they just rolled by a foot or so. I had 13 2nd putts given to me. 34 putts in all for the day. Not a great stat, but I’m ok with it just because I know I hit good putts all night.

    I assume my trouble adapting to the speed has something to do with the fact that I am playing late and it’s growing season. The greens are at their slowest when I played them. It may take a day or two but I’m sure the adjustment will come.

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