So You Think You Are A Great Putter!

Putting is the great equalizer. I know this because many of my scores were the result of great or poor putting. If you talk to any of your golfing friends, they will agree that the flat stick can change the fortunes of any round. Without taking detailed stats, it is a challenge to really understand how good (or poor) of a putter we actually are. Personally, I think and know that I am a better than average putter for my handicap, yet my confidence can be shaken with a couple of poor first putts. Knowing all of this, I have to remind myself to keep things in perspective before flying off the handle.

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Too Focused on Stats!

Stats Chart

Which is the Most Important Stat?

Golf stats are an interesting thing. They provide information about virtually every topic and many players, analysts, and pundits rely on stats to make their point! This is all good for the viewing public who may need to be entertained between golf shots on TV or while reading their favourite article, but do stats have any real value to the average hacker trying to improve their score?

Recently, I received a random email (not from the author) from that someone suggesting that stats could be used to break 80. Ever the skeptic, I read through the paragraph and wondered what others thought. Here is the what the author Mike Tappett from mikeplaysgolf said:

“All golfers I’ve coached do this one thing and do it religiously. Keep track of how many fairways hit, greens hit in regulation and putts you take per round. This exercise alone will tell you the weaker part of your game. The average player who shoots in the mid and high 70’s consistently will average about 8-12 fairways, 9-11 greens in regulation and between 27-30 putts per round.”

On the surface, I can see the value of keeping stats, however without an action play, keeping stats is well – meaningless. personally, I have never kept stats. I have never felt the need or requirement, but this year is different. I am trying new things and keeping an open mind to anything that will improve my game. As I drive towards being a scratch golfer, I do not want to overlook anything!

So my question are: Do keep stats? If so, do you use them to focus you practice? If not, why? I am all ears!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!